blah blah it’s fall and I didn’t have any fun all summer

Yo yo yo. I miss my mean old blog!

I’m still in hiding, Working Out My Issues.

It’s very boring, and I’m very tired of it, and I’m sure you are too, because we’re probs Facebook friends and you’ve probs had to put up with me whining in a rather overly dramatic fashion for weeks and weeks and possibly, really, months already.

All my issues involve overworkedness because I have two full-time jobs, one of which I love love love love, and one of which, while gorgeous and lovely in its own way, I am completely totally totally totally totally TOTALLY burnt out on. I’ve written about 40 blog posts all about it whilst engaged in my #1 actual job—avoiding actually working at all costs—but they are all stupid, so I’m not going to post them. And I could post about other stuff, like New Paltz politics or Mad Men or feminism or vintage clothes or my cats or books I’m reading or veganism 2.0 or ANYTHING, but since I no longer do anything but work + whine about work + be tired from whining about work + avoid work + finally get actual work done in great huge manic frenzies that leave me viciously exhausted for days—I will continue being pretty quiet over here.

While I’m getting a much needed lobotomy, here is a photo of a closet I transformed from holding tons of ridiculous crap to holding shoes, on one of those hours I stole from work.

Before! I usually hid all this behind a little curtain.


Speaking of ridiculous crap, if you live in New Paltz and want any of the following bits of crap that I must now get rid of because of the aforementioned closet transformation, just let me know:

  • Three boxes of tiny bottles of bubbles to blow at weddings. They have a little plastic dove on top. Why do I own these??
  • Small box of homemade paper halloween decorations: black cats, spiderwebs, etc. I made these one year because I lived in a house with an Australian male model (oh Peter Jackson [not that Peter Jackson]! Your blue eyes and hijinx still haunt me!) who was obsessed with Halloween.
  • Brand new mousepad with Asian landscape scene
  • Nice wooden bookmark, brand new, in plastic
  • Old metal index card box holder. It’s from my dead grandmother and I shouldn’t give it away, but I have an entire garage full of her things, and you just can’t save everything, you know?
  • Cute ceramic covered bowl with an old-fashioned French lady on it you could put your bobby pins in on your dresser.

This is truly the awfulest blog post ever. Truly awfulest.

The sun’ll come up tomorrow,

Lagusta Pauline

3 Responses to “blah blah it’s fall and I didn’t have any fun all summer”

  1. Randal Putnam

    Someday you might do worse and then, viola, this post will look better by comparison. Until then, though, I feel your pain. I have written posts I didn’t care for but I hit the publish button anyway. Funnier still is that I leave them. Easy to make them vanish, but there they sit. No obvious incentive to eliminate the duds. The space seems endless. Just chuck ’em on the pile. What if your blog space were limited like the closets in your house? Maybe you’d have to page through the old stuff and make hard decisions. When will we decide that clogging up servers, created and run with oil, coal and electricity, isn’t green? My wordy reply is wasting electricity. I could have said simply DON’T WORRY LAGUSTA… WE’LL KEEP READING! WE LOVE YOUR BLOG! Later!

  2. lagusta

    Well, I actually ended up getting rid of a bunch of stuff listed above as a result of the post, so all’s well that ends well!


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