In which I put off being sane for another week.

Things are better.

Because they are worse!

I can put off dealing with my various productivity compulsions for a week or so, because I’m going crazy this week making what is probably way way, WAY too many chocolates (mostly the old August CotM bars, which—secret!!—will soon be online for you to buy year round!) for the Maker Faire this weekend, in Queens. Doesn’t it look fun? If you come say hello and tell me you’re a blogreader, I’ll give you a free chocolate bar, for reals. It would be nice to meet some of you cuties. But if, like, you’re already my real life friend and you pop by…well, who am I kidding, I’ll still give you a bar.

So now I have this whole crazy week: super late night last night, and I left the kitchen a mess. And my sweetheart is coming home from tour tomorrow, and I like to have the house all clean and tidy when he gets back, (because we both know that when he comes home he’s a house unhusband who does all the chores since I always have the handy “I just cleaned the whole kitchen! I can’t come home and clean the house too!!”), so I’ve got the house to clean, kitchen to clean, chocolates to get in the mail, chocolates to bring to the Cheese Plate in New Paltz, the October Chocolates of the Month are a FIASCO so far and for the first time I am completely at a loss for how to bring the vision I have of them into reality…I’m completely at home in my overwhelmedness. So many challenges! Oh no, sorry, I can’t go on a hike this week—thanks for asking though [insert secret relief at not being able to have any fun and thus not feel a nagging feeling that I should be “being productive.”] How will I ever get it all done? What’s that, maybe I should make a list? Maybe it should be color-coded? I really think so. Oh god! I’m so busy! Whine whine whine! Wonderful wonderful wonderful.

I think I’ve discovered something I like more than whining about my insane life: having an insane life that justifies not dealing with the fact that when my life is not insane I have no idea who I am or what to do with myself.

See you soon, guys!

You know what also? I’m going to start saying “guys” again. No word expresses a casual friendliness like “guys,” let’s just admit it. Pals? Dumb. Friends? Too on the nose. Friendos? Ugh. Dudes? Only good when being ironic. Peeps? Well, I did say that I was going to start saying peeps and spelling it Pepys, just for kicks, but I think peeps is sort of played (chirped?) out. (And I’ve gotta be au courant with my slangy salutations!). Hos? Um. Bitchez? Double um.

No time to unsideways this photo!! Or maybe it's a metaphor I need to embrace...

7 Responses to “In which I put off being sane for another week.”

  1. Jen

    Hooray Maker Faire! I’ll be there on Saturday! I went to the 2006 one in San Mateo and it was a lot of fun.

  2. Jen

    Nope, just going for fun! I should have looked into vending though. Maybe next year if they do it in New York again.

  3. Jen

    Hi! Just wanted to say it was nice meeting you in person and also the truffles and peanut butter cups were fucking amazing! Also if you don’t mind me asking, in a general sense, if the Maker Faire was a success for you? I’m considering selling there next year if they have it again but don’t want to schlep all my stuff up from Philly if it’s not worthwhile. The whole craft fair part seemed to be not quite as people-full as the rest of it…Thanks!

    • lagusta

      So nice to meet you too! That said: MAKER FAIRE WAS A FIASCO. Totally disorganized, only maybe 10% of the people promised (they said they expected 20,000 for the weekend–did it seem like 10,000 people were there on Saturday to you??). I’m gonna tell it to you straight: the table was $220, it cost me at least $30 or so between tolls and gas to get there and back, and I made maybe $150. And every other vendor I talked to did worse than I did! My main problem was that they didn’t tell me until ***a week before the event*** (months after I bought the table) that it was going to be outside. Chocolates + outside = horror. Now, if something is advertised as bring at the “Hall of Science” doesn’t that make it seem like it would be INSIDE? Nope.

      It was a fun day in some ways, but a total waste of chocolates, money, and time. But alas, who cares. The people who did come out to the Siberia that was the Bust area were really cool, and I had great talks with Bust-y type people. And I got to meet you, at least! : )

      • Jen

        UGH! Sorry to hear that. I definitely don’t think there were 10,000 people there. There were definitely far more people in the main part of the fair than in the craft show part though. Well, cross that one off my list of potential selling venues!

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