what’s going to happen

1) I am going to write two, possibly three, but no more than three blog posts about my annoying inner life in order to wrap up 2010. I’m using the end of this year as a good marker for some big life changes I’m implementing, which require public working through/whining/exploring. I sort of want to puke just announcing that, it sounds so dreadfully boring. Ah well.

2) Concurrently, I’m going to be updating the Lagusta’s Luscious blog with trillions of food photos and tidbits. Much less boring.

3) Having cleaned out both my soul and my memory card, I will be free to fill up this blog with assorted cultural tidbits about books, movies, links, Things That Are Dumb About Veganism (there’s a blog called Vegan Pimp? How have I not whined about this yet?), food, chocolate, clothes, the Town of New Paltz Planning Board (probably not that though, because I had to skip the last few meetings, sigh), vintageness, shoes, hairdos, the fact that I accidentally bought lipstick and kept calling it “lip gloss” while everyone in my life freaked out because I’ve never worn lipstick before, and various and sundry other artsy and political and blah blah tidbits.

That’s what’s going to happen. Just wanted to let you know. I miss you, dear spot-for-depositing-random-whines!

love and other indoor sports,

Lagusta Pauline


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