Vaute Couture coat love, 2010

So, what else is happening?

Well, I just totally overhauled the professional blog, and there’s tons of wonderfulness to read over there, including fruit photos.

Pretty damn exciting.

But what I want to talk about over here is: my new coat!

Even though I am currently wearing a bikini top and pyjama pants, if I was home I would be wearing my Vaute Couture coat, which I just happen to have photos of to share with you. For the second year in a row I did a trade with the marvelous Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, owner of Vaute Couture—what a ludicrous sweetheart that one is, I tell you. You know how sometimes you meet people who are just these goddamn beacons of sweetness and light? Usually I sort of can’t stand those people. What the fuck is their problem, you know?

But Leanne is stand-able—in fact, she’s downright adorable, and, amazingly, not in an annoying way. Every interaction I’ve ever had with her has been marred by a curious lack of annoyingness—pretty rare, for a crusty old radical misanthrope like me. I just plain old get a good vibe from the gal. And she really is a gal, in the Audrey Hepburn elegant/easy/optimistic/innocent vein. Jesus Christ, how the vegan world got so lucky to deserve her I will never know.

And the COATS! You know all about last year’s—it’s holding up insanely splendidly. It’s now my dressy coat. I’ve never been the sort of person who had an everyday coat and a dressy coat before (previously, what I had was: The Coat That Smells Like Onions Because I Wear It To Work, The Ill-Fitting 1980s Vintage Puffer Only I Like, and The Cheapie Salvation Army Black Wool (booo!) Sort Of OK Coat That Is Always Covered In Cat Hair.) This thing of having multiple coats I actually enjoy wearing is very exciting.

This year I decided on my coat the minute I saw it: a red pea coat. Red! Pea! Coat! For a 1960s fetishist like me to whom everyone is always saying I look good in red, it was really the only choice.

When I told Maresa, my erstwhile chocolatier helper-outer, about it, she said, “You do know Jacob got the peacoat too, right?” What? Jacob was on tour at that moment, and I knew he had decided to buy himself a VC coat also (he has a very nice Loomstate organic cotton coat too, but it’s a bit thin for upstate NY)—were we really getting the same one? Oh man. And was my mind really in such a state this fall that Maresa not only had to keep track of everything I kept forgetting at work, but also the sartorial choices of my boyfriend?

Yes, and yes.

But Jacob got the peacoat in a nice charcoal black, very Hard Day’s Night, and since his was cut slightly differently we don’t look too twinsy at all. Thank god.

I really can’t express to you in ordinary words how freaking amazing these freaking coats are. A farmer friend of ours saw Jacob wearing his one day and actually told him that he looked “too fancy to talk to.” His looks tailored to his body in a most amazing way. The first thing either of us does whenever anyone mentions our coats (which happens, I have to admit, pretty much constantly) is demand that they feel them. So soft, so plush, so cozy-warm. And the pockets! Every woman I know has The Constant Pocket Problem—women’s clothes just don’t have good pockets. They’re never deep enough, or placed right, or something. Leanne’s coats have perfect pockets. I’m sitting here in Hawaii while the rest of the East Coast is shrieking on Facebook about sixty billion feet of snow or something, and the only things I miss right now are my cats and my snuggly Vaute Couture coat.

And. DO NOT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HOW COZY THE VC SWEATSHIRTS ARE. This one has rabbits on it and says “friends not test subjects” in tiny cute letters. If only the old me, who wore giant scratchy “meat is murder” t-shirts everywhere in high school, could see me now.

You probably already know about the VC committment to eco-friendly materials and production methods, and I’m sorry this post sounds so much like an ad for Leanne, but perhaps I should remind you how we met: commiserating over being obsessively eco-friendly business owners endlessly searching for ribbon we felt good about. Yep. FREAKING RIBBON. For hang-tags for her and box-wrapping for me.


Damn, that Leanne knows how to take a photo!




4 Responses to “Vaute Couture coat love, 2010”

  1. birdgherl

    Yes, Leanne is one of the sweetest and most amazing women out there. She is so generous and kind, and a hard-working, passionate, consummate business woman. She is an incredible ambassador for compassionate living. And PS, I LOVE my VC coat too!

  2. Jen

    I bought the Audrey coat this year, in charcoal, and I absolutely love it. All retro-elegant and beautiful. I get compliments on it pretty much every time I wear it.

  3. Kira

    I actually lost my previous red coat in an unfortunate accident this year, so I *have* been looking for a replacement…


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