Monday Miscellany: lolly lolly lolly get your randoms here

You want randoms? I got randoms. (also adverbs.) Here we go:

My sweetheart is really obsessed with reading The Garden Isle, the newspaper of the island we’re currently hiding out on. It’s usually some combination of massively entertaining (the two comments on this one are making Jacob and I laugh pretty much uncontrollably right now. Iz dat SKRUBNAH I C over der??), horrifyingly small town-y (that one is a little bit trigger-y), and hilariously small town-y (much like my beloved [and relentlessly complained-about] New Paltz Times [which, side note: I’ve been gone for a month and guess what’s been happening in Mew Paltz? Boys are fighting, the same boys as always, and Gioia Shebar is bonkers! Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!]), but this article, with the mindblowingly unassuming headline Sign Missing, is a neat capsule of everything interesting and political about Kauai right now.


Going from a typo-ridden paper to a famously typo-averse mag: did you notice this? A piece on a woman who made a great wonderful ruckus about The New Yorker‘s famous male bias! Ah, it takes me back to the glory days of the New Yorker Whiteboy Watch!


Speaking of TNY: do you ever love a writer, but can’t stomach their stuff? I have that weird combination of feelings toward a handful of dystopian fiction/sci-fi writers, chiefly James Tiptree, Jr. and the great Margaret Atwood, who I massively adore but whose books give me such terrible stomach cramps I can no longer, uh, stomach it, and I think George Saunders is the same. I loved “Escape from Spiderhead” (and by that I mean: it was so well done that it made me want to puke) (hey, it’s all online!) but it’s given me nightmares three nights in a row.


More TNY: I found the food issue unsatisfying, except for the article about lovely Sandor (OK, actually I thought the article was stupid. As my pal Veronica put it, “I wish there was more focus on the history of fermented foods instead of making subtle jabs at the freegan/alternative lifestyle subculture.” Yeah. but Sandor is so lovely that it’s OK.

Old, but I was so in love with “To The Measures Fall,” by Richard Powers, from the October 18 issue. So good.

And the “World Changers” issue? Just boring. How’s about you?


Moving on: My lovely pal Allison’s blog is so freaking charming, I just want you to see it. It’s all weird and wonderful stories and Allison’s cutely quirky point of view. A gem.


Ack! The secret’s out!! David Chang (who, yeah, I secretly love) said Kajitsu was his absolute favorite restaurant in the new issue of Saveur! My secret little sanctuary!! First all those Michelin stars, then New York magazine, (not to mention much other press), and now this?


Note to self: hire this woman at some point in the future to do chalk things.


Why is no one talking about how insanely easy kettle corn is to make? INSANITY. I made this recipe the other night, and it was the sort of thing you have to eat until your sides hurt.


And now, to end on a businessy note: I’m actually having a fantastic time on the Bonbons Facebook page with a little two-part contest. Here’s the deal: If we can double our fans in two weeks (to 1338 by January 21), TWO lucky peeps will be picked at random to receive a free 3-month Chocolate of the Month Club Subscription! 2) Also!!! Tell your friends to write on the Bonbons wall saying “I am a fan because of —[your name]” and EVERYONE who recruits 7 or more fans will get a special choco gift in the mail! Pretty fancy, no?

A handful of people have already recruited seven or more fans (Bloodroot has almost won twice!), and it’s been really fun and hopefully not too annoying for everyone. Also, 99% of my new fans are women, which feels good too.

Sweetest, <— my new email sign off-er. Is it stupid? Or cloying? (!) I stole it from Leanne’s, who makes coats and signs her emails, “Warmest.” “Bitterly yours” is my other option, but something about that doesn’t seem quite right…


7 Responses to “Monday Miscellany: lolly lolly lolly get your randoms here”

  1. ecclescake

    Kettle corn! It’s Voik’s favorite but no recipe he’s tried has ended in anything but a sticky, burnt mess. I forwarded the recipe you reference to him and am hoping for the best.

    And “Bitterly yours!” Ha! I love it! Though I think Sweetest is probably the way to go. Most of the time, anyway.

    • lagusta

      I’ve now made it four times—perfect every time! The only secret is the standard popcorn rule: never stop shaking. One time I did and the bottom pretty much instantly burned. Then again, I make mine on high, because I’m impatient. Let me know how it turns out!

  2. noel furie

    Personally, i love” bitterly yours” and find it quite amusing. I guess there might be others who don’t see the humor in it, however. Oh well.

  3. Abby Bean

    Random James Tiptree, Jr. fact: her mom is responsible for many of the large, taxidermied animals in the Natural History Museum; they often went as a family on safari & she was quite the (yuck) hunter.

    • lagusta

      I KNEW THAT!!! I once read an amazing bio of her….what a life! I have such a love/hate relationship with those animals. Horrid that they are there, but since the crime is long gone I do enjoy staring at them.

      • Abby Bean

        My guess is that we’ve had a similar experience. I read the bio first (loved it), then really disliked most everything in “Her Smoke Rose Up Forever”. But the animals, they freak me out. Have you been to Cabela’s? The one in PA is FILLED with stuffed animals. Since it’s a hunting/fishing store it’s even more grotesque.

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