see you soon!

Like, Feb 15!

6 Responses to “see you soon!”

  1. Lee Hall

    Does this mean you are temporarily indisposed?

    I’m in that state when I’m writing, but no one cares. People do start putting those urgent exclamation marks on the e-mails, I’ll give them that

    • lagusta

      Yep, just until after Valentine’s!

      Those !!!! emails are rolling in…

      • Lee Hall

        Well, here’s another for you: WHITE CHOCOLATE YUZU TRUFFLES!


        They are chocolates from a perfect planet.


        Just had three and now must scheme to somehow hide the box from myself. The second box is going to my dear friend Marie, 13 hours from now, on the occasion of the arrival of the Year of the Jade Rabbit.

      • lagusta

        Awesome! Yeah, I love them too. I’m so glad I’m not the only vegan who adores and misses and is grateful to have white chocolate again!!

  2. marie a

    Ahhhh, this is Marie, the lucky recipient of Yuzu Truffles from Lee. They are a treat beyond all others, each one is being savored. Thank you, Lee. Exclamation points abound.


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