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Hello hello!

Welcome, friends, to the post Valentine’s world! What a wonderful world it is. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it. With only one full-time job, and the craziness of the busiest part of the year that job experiences subsiding, life seems pretty damn wonderful. I’ve been holed up in my little snowy house, petting cats and cooking whatever the hell I want to eat—the first time I’ve had the freedom to do this in almost a decade.

I have lots of thoughts about cooking I’m going to be sharing soon on the professional blog, but for today I want to shamelessly steal (well, I did get permission) an email my sweetheart, Jacob, wrote to me about a day he had in London, where he was ensconced for about a week for work recently. It has the feel of a blog post, and I just can’t resist.



I had a plan and so I had to get going! X and I had made plans last night over dinner to go to the Lido: public outdoor heated pools! She spotted one near both of us and routed the bus path I needed to take. I was thrilled to take the bus as I rarely do and the top decker makes for lovely sightseeing. I managed to succeed in the transportation department by only missing my stop by two others, not bad! I arrive at the pool:

Ok, this was a picture on the wall, luckily not at all what I arrived to see!

Funny, he doesn’t look any happier here?

This is what I ended up at. Despite the photos it was actually fairly sunny while I was in the pool and probably in the low 50s. The pool was heated! X and I did 10 laps total at 50m a lap that’s 500m or around 1500 ft or approx. 1/4 of a mile of swimming! I was winded but pleased. It was odd to see people in the pool in their suits and then get out and get dressed to be total hipsters! Or not. Everyone is equalized in the Lido.

Off to the changing room (all the facilities were new and clean and modern, great place!) where I got to see a room of all sorts of naked gents (no photos of that!) Not since high school had I been around so many naked fellas. It cost about 4 quid for the swim.

Next we headed across London Fields, where the Lido was, which is a nice small park full of perky little British dogs and babies, of course. We passed this car, I liked the governmental crackdown of religion, way to go! (that’s a boot on its front tire.)

We headed to Broadway Market which apparently is becoming a hipster spot. Similar to an older Williamsburg, it’s somewhat dangerous in the area but the hipsters are starting to take over. The market happens on Saturday (today) so we got to walk through all the cool mostly artisan products stalls. And of course, watch hipsters!

This was a cool all-fudge stand, I thought of you and your fudge endeavors when I came across it [ed note: what fudge endeavors? There are no fudge endeavors! YOU DIDN’T HEAR ANYTHING ABOUT ANY FUDGE ENDEAVORS.]. I didn’t take a close look at flavors but they looked pretty rad.

Small amounts of produce but apparently the farmer / flower market happens on Sunday. I’ll try and go tomorrow to my local one.

All I got in the market were some vegan churros! You might know what they are but I think they’re just little fried Spanish dough sticks. [ed note: they are Mexican {update! They are apparently Spanish and Mexican!} and I haven’t had them in 20 years or so and I just about died to see he found them in London! No fair. I have been collecting churros recipes for years, but I’ve never made them, and these photos almost made me go fire up the deep fryer…but then I remembered the other time I had a deep frying-for-one party and the massive stomach ache (O apple fritters, why oh why oh why were you so damn tasty?) it engendered.]

This guy makes them by pooping them out of the spout on the top [ed note: quite the food writer, this man of mine], like a pasta maker, and slices them off into the deep fry bowl then scoops them out (as he is here) to be eaten, yum! They come with chocolate dipping sauce (not vegan), sugar, and cinnamon!

We sat down by the nearby canal to eat them. They converted the tow path into a walkway and this area we’re sitting at is one of the many working locks. Boats still navigate up and down the canal in the heart of London, it’s cool.

We ended up taking the walk all the way back to where my hotel is, about a 45 minute walk or so. I got some multi-vitamins and headed in!

“My Lovely Day,” by Jacob Feinberg.

[ed note: title supplied.]

3 Responses to “guest post: LDN”

  1. Mary

    What a nice day! The pool reminds me of the one i went to in Iceland. it was heated and outdoor and everyone swam quiet laps while it snowed. Happy travels to J and Happy Post-Valentine’s Day to you!

  2. Cherry

    Love it. So glad you visited. This is where I live, on a house next to London fields. If either of you or both ever come back this way let me know and we can put you up!

    p.s I love this blog


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