February 27

I am today the age of Jesus when my people killed him or whatever. Unlike Jesus, I am a survivor. I owe my survival to one lesson, learned early, never forgotten:

at all costs, cut your father out of your life.

At midnight I whispered to myself, “happy birthday to me—survivor, refugee, finally free.”

14 Responses to “February 27”

  1. adrienne

    happy birthday! I just discovered your blog about an hour ago and can’t stop reading your entries. my bf keeps wondering when i’m gonna head to bed, and frankly, i am too. there’s just too much good stuff here…i could read for days! thanks for the inspiration.

    • adrienne

      oh, and i just bought the best of bloodroot vol 2 per your love/recommendation. yes!

      • adrienne

        I’m honestly not sure, but I’m so glad I’m here. I’m guessing some amalgam of google searching and link-clicking, possibly when seeking info about veganised Japanese desserts. (yes! I found kansha!) I live in Atlanta and am working on developing a line of vegan desserts for the city’s oldest Japanese restaurant. It’s been fun!

        but back to your blog. I love it. I’ve been vegan and online since the days of Prodigy at 14kbps, so I know I should be a good online person and read a dozen blogs with consistency, preferably managed with a feed reader thingy. But it never works. I lose interest. But this one brings me back. (Or rather, has me reading the back issues for now :)) I appreciate your bright personality, your passion, your willingness to work hard and do things that are uncomfortable (especially your bearing with difficult people/conversations). Also, in a comment you admit that you’re incredibly smart – I love how upfront and relentless you are about that. You temper such self-assurance with magnanimity, which is, I think, the secret formula.

        Okay! Enough gushing! I’ve got some miso butterscotch to improve.

      • adrienne

        Oh! I forgot to mention. My partner is from Pleasant Valley, NY, which is very close to Poughkeepsie and about 40 minutes from New Paltz, where he has friends (and possibly family?). Next time we’re up there we’ll have to get lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of bonbons. :)

      • lagusta

        Adrienne, you’re so rad! Thanks so much!! MISO BUTTERSCOTCH! I’ve totally had that one floating around my head for a while–fascinating. I’m dying to see what you come up with!

        I know Pleasant Valley! Yep, not too far from me at all!

  2. Elena White

    I love your blog too, have been voyeuristically (is that a word?) reading it for years. I think you’re bad ass, and I love your one lesson learned- it is a good one.


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