NYC walk

A few weeks ago I took a walk in New York.

That’s really all I have to say.

It’s 7 PM on Wednesday night and I have this THING I’m trying not to think about until Monday (I have a 3,000 word blog post [I’m not kidding] ready to be posted if/when it happens on Monday, don’t worry) and I thought I’d post photos of the walk to distract my stomach from knotting up until then.


A few weeks ago, I was staying in Jacob’s hotel room in New York for a couple days (the pleasures of a free hotel room 2 hours from your house are very pleasurable, indeed.), and though I brought no less than four moleskine notebooks to doodle in and five New Yorkers to read, I helpfully neglected to bring socks, underwear, a toothbrush, a scarf, or a comb. Some of those I could steal from Jacob, but not underwear or a scarf.

And hey, am I the only woman around who even wears underwear?? Not to name names, but recent girltalk has made me realize that almost none of my friends even bother (this is what we talk about when we make your chocolates, yes.). When did this happen? How often do you wash your pants, women?

So, on a bright almost-springy New York morning, I had some breakfast at Teany (not vegan any more! I guess Moby sold it off?), then set off toward Chinatown in search of underwears.

I found two pairs of undies at the lovely organic/sustainable boutique Kaight, where if I had endless clothing funds I’d probably buy all my clothes. They were on clearance for $10—an amazing price for organic cotton underwearz, except that they only had XS. You’d think on the LES, land of leggy ladies, XS undies would sell out immediately, but no. Because I am a chump who was too lazy to pull them on over my tights, I just bought them. If you see me constantly digging XS underwear out of my S behind, please know this is why.

I poked around a couple more Lower East Sidey boutiques looking for cool scarves, but I couldn’t find anything under $100, so I gave up.

Then I had lunch with my bestest bestest pal Mary at Barrio Chino. I guarantee you haven’t been to Barrio Chino because pretty much everyone who reads this blog is vegan and it’s not vegan so BE EXCITED! You’re going to like Barrio Chino. The margaritas are lovely and the vegan options are scanty but delicious (as you know, that’s my preferred restaurant style). The cactus salad is especially tasty.

Mary and I talked about everything in our hearts, and I got those good chills you get when you’re pouring your heart out to your bestest girlfriend. We were also the only people on the Lower East Side wearing color, and between the two of us we were wearing a LOT of it. My tights are deadstock vintage weirdo super tight tights with stirrup heels! I got them in order to put the packaging on the pantyhose wall, and was pleased when the tights were wearable too.

After reluctantly leaving Mary, I intended to take the subway to meet Jacob up at Radio City where he had a show. But he had a few hours until he was free, and I felt like walking. Also, I figured a springtime long NYC walk would be a good bookend to the autumnal Chicago 10-mile walk.

Off I went.

I got to Astor Place and that cube thingie my mom told me she once slept under for a night. Oh, the ’60s.

I kept walking. Soon I was at my old stomping grounds in Chelsea, where I went to cooking school. I turned around to take a photo of the Flatiron Building, why not.

The air was really nice, crisp with the promise of warm around the corner.

Or….was it?

No, it was pretty nice.

Nice enough for this guy to be blowing giant bubbles, anyway.

I was really into this guy.

I think if you take photos of a street performer, you’re obligated to toss them a few bucks. So I did, and kept walking.

Before I knew it, I’d walked 47 blocks up Sixth Avenue and was standing in front of my old office building, where I was once a secretary for a year at Simon & Schuster. So weird.

Even weirder:

Even though I was wearing shoes with absolutely no support whatsoever, my feet were holding up amazingly well. It was a midtown miracle!

And then just one more block and I was there:

I found my sweetheart’s tour bus around the corner and took a nap in his bunk, all snuggly and warm in the middle of midtown.


4 Responses to “NYC walk”

  1. Randal Putnam

    Oh! Did you now that cube thing turns? After walking by it for years I finally saw some kids turning it. Our relationship with art is funny that way. All museumy don’t touch kind of ethic. I was once in SFMOMA and there was a huge block on the floor. The top was a grey picture of sky, a bridge and one bird. Looked like a solid block a couple of feet high, but it was in fact perfectly stacked posters. No signs, but something made me ask the guard if I was allowed to take one. He said to take as many as I wanted, that was point, and that no one ever asked or took any. I took a couple dozen and have been wrapping gifts in bits of them for years. I tell you it was a funny feeling rolling them up and carrying them out of the museum. I was sure I was going to be stopped. Anyway, the next time you are in NYC give the cube a push for me to see if the thing still moves. Later!

  2. zoe p.

    I just wandered in and out of a handful of thrift stores on the LES. If I’d had to buy a scarf you’d like, I probably could have, for < $25. Judging by the looks you feature here . . . ; )


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