SidewalkGate 2011: resolved

So we strolled into the Planning Board meeting tonight and chitchatted with everyone until the meeting began, and we were the first item on the agenda. Here’s how it went down:

“First of all, we’d asked you to come back here to discuss the sidewalk issue. After consulting with the Village lawyer, we’ve realized that the land in question is owned by the Village, so we can’t make you build a sidewalk on it.”

And that was that!

(I’m sure the letter from our lawyer had something to do with this realization.)

Phew! $1000 saved. As I’ve said: I love sidewalks, but paying $1000 for one, plus hiring a surveyor and engineer and submitting plans which would delay the chocolate shop opening by months, was, as you know, making me a crazy person.

How lovely it is to no longer be a crazy person. Seriously, what a difference a week makes. Jacob’s home again, plans for the shop are shaping up, Easter rush is subsiding. My mind is no longer a place I’m scared to visit.

Oh, and hey, if you’re local, our public hearing for the shop (after which the Special Use Permit will hopefully be granted and we can begin work) is May 3 at 7 PM. Feel free to come to New Paltz Village Hall and speak out in favor of an organic, fair-trade vegan chocolate shop in your town!

Good night!

8 Responses to “SidewalkGate 2011: resolved”

  1. tara rubano

    Congrats!! I was getting angry just thinking about it! Glad they are no longer forcing you to do their job!

  2. kt

    i will try to come to the public hearing – why do you need a special use permit

    • lagusta

      thanks peeps!

      KT, It’s because a chocolate shop isn’t an approved use. If I was selling candy and tobacco apparently it would be OK. Alas!

      • kt

        i’m thinking you are going to be fine. public hearing just to check all the right boxes and all that…

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