the state of things

Yo! While I’m out gallivanting around setting up shop, check out blog reader pal Adrienne’s fun foodie blog, why don’t ya? It’s nice.

And our old pal Brittany is also blogging up a storm here all about local politics and oh oh, so so much more.

As for me. Oh my gosh. I’ve got Valentine’s-level exhaustion happening (all chocolatiers measure tiredness in relation to Valentine’s, right? I’d say I’m at about 3/4 Valentine’s level right now), but multi-vitamins, eating my greens, and the usual revolutionary zeal are keeping me running strong. Last week I made a list of everything I did in one day, and it went something like this:

Breakfast, house cleaning, body cleaning, cat kissing, to work in Rosendale, made chocolates, shipped chocolates, made a tagine, ate tagine, one load of crap from Rosendale to NP, dealt with a minor emergency [such is my life right now, and such are the minor emergencies that are thrown my way every day, that I can’t even remember what this refers to. I vaguely remember something about a burst water pipe and panicked calls from the contractors.], answered emails, packed up more chocolates, ate come caramels, cleaning  in Rosendale, one more crapload to NP, cleaning in New Paltz, painting touch-ups in New Paltz until 1 am or so, then home to bed for Daily Show watching, more tagine eating, more cat kissing, more email answering, and sleep.

Phew. I’m all moved out of Rosendale now, and almost completely set up in New Paltz. We’re still wrangling with the Planning Board, but otherwise things are looking good. The shop is looking incredibly shoppy and I can’t wait to show you a zillion photos.

Everything is crazy and awesome right now, to be honest. I feel incredibly happy and at peace and everything-in-its-right-placey about my life. Dealing with governmental agencies and contractors and running thousands upon thousands of dollars over budget on this project is a challenge, as is sleeping through the night without waking up 10 times to write things like ORDER CONVERSION KIT FOR WASHER/DRYER IN DOWNSTAIRS APT!!! on the endless to-do list, but I’m really enjoying and am really up for this challenge.

I think Jacob and I are pretty good at being project managers for this project—organizing all the contractors and service providers and buying endless stuff and driving all over the world to pick it up. He’s also doing a ton of work pulling off siding and I’ve painted every single inch of the new shop at least twice. Renovating two apartments and a chocolate shop is a much bigger task than either of us realized, but so far we’re keeping our heads above water.

I’m proud of myself because my rage twin has only managed to escape once—I gave Max Kimlin from Kimlin Propane a, let’s just say, very loud talking-to. It started with Jacob saying, “Please, please don’t yell at him,” and ended with Jacob and our contractor pal Aaron hiding in the corner and acting like they didn’t know me while I yelled at him. (Maybe someday if anyone is interested I’ll tell you all about The Many Reasons I Do Not Suggest You Use Kimlin Propane Except That After The Talking-To Max Actually Shaped Up And In The End Things Ended Up OK.)

The point is, all that weirdness from last fall about my job and my place in the world seems to have quieted down. (Still working on rage issues, as you can tell.)

I’m grateful.

OK, I seriously need to order that conversion kit. Right now.

love and other indoor sports,


3 Responses to “the state of things”

  1. lagusta

    Thanks, pal! That reminds me that I meant to mention your lovely and oft-updated blog in this post! I love reading your posts, though since you usually post so early I read them on my phone in bed then mean to comment when I get up, then when I get up I usually start doing something like buying insulation all day and then….well, you know.

  2. britt

    yay! thanks! also, since i’m semi-quasi-unemployed, let me know if you want some free labor at the world HQ!


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