No more store: day two

I’m seeing how long I can go without going to the grocery store.

Here’s the backstory, and here are today’s meals (ok, yesterday’s.):

Granola and almond milk.

Can I tell you something?

I’m not a fan of granola.

What I want to eat in the morning is FRUIT. When there’s no fruit around, I’m training myself not to do what I want to do, which is: eat nothing and work until I get dizzy and/or some magical fruit walks in the door and/or my stomach is ready for savory food. If there’s no fruit, I’ve got to eat something. Soy yogurts fit that bill, but I’ve got the no more store thing happening, and I don’t feel like making my own yogurt—I’m not that much of a fan of soygurt.

So I had oats and dried fruit to use up, so I made granola. Some oats tossed with some grape seed oil and maple syrup, with chopped dried fruits and some walnuts and, oh, candied yuzu peel leftover from January’s CotM! Why not.

It’s OK.

For granola, maybe it’s awesome. Who knows. For me, not really liking granola, it’s a little too much to chew in the mornings, a little too…unfruity.

Before the challenge began I paid the ludicrous sum of $4.75 for a half gallon of almond milk, because my shop is perilously close to the most expensive health food store in the universe, and one reason for this challenge is for me to avoid the easy 2-minute walk there. It’s a lovely, neighbor-y, friendly, hippie-type health food store, but the prices are literally double that of the other, bigger, car-ride-away-er, store in town. If I was doing the challenge a few days ago, I would have made my own rice milk in 5 minutes in Ye Olde Vita-Mix which would have cost a quarter or something for a gallon and would have chipped away at the 10 lbs of jasmine rice hanging around.

Forcing myself to think of things like this is why the challenge will be good for me.

Can I just brag that I ate this breakfast at 8:30 am? At work? (I don’t really eat food at my house unless I have people over. If you had an amazing kitchen two minutes down the road, and if your home kitchen was seemingly inexplicably (ok, actually it’s very explicable) covered in a fine film of cat hair at all times, would you?) 8:30 is insanely early for me. I’m growing up!

My name is Lagusta, and I am the worst vegan in the world because of what I’m about to say:


No vegan is supposed to admit that, but this is lettuce from my CSA, all fresh and buttery/crispy and man oh man. With a little white wine vinaigrette, it was a great mid-morning snack. Please don’t sing that “You don’t make friends with salad” song from The Simpsons at me.

(Also–the Saveur sandwich issue is really great. God, I love Saveur!)

While I was working I got snacky, and since I didn’t have any lovely snacks like Tings or pretzels or Pringles (my favorite trashy pleasures, which I never really buy because I hate buying packaged food. [the only time I allow myself the treat of a Big Food extruded/molded potato chip product is on road trips, alas. Pringles! I fucking love you!]), so I ate radishes from the CSA box.

I felt sort of vegan-y and silly eating raw radishes as a snack—a feeling only reinforced when my pal Aaron, who was installing lighting, called me a gopher.

Nothing wrong with radishes, of course (or gophers, or eating like them, and do gophers really eat radishes, anyway?), but I was looking forward to roasting them—have you ever had roasted radishes? Do it—you’ll thank me later.

Instead, I ate them raw, unwashed. There was a good amount of dirt on them, which I ate too. Whatever. I’m no longer cooking for anyone else, I’ll eat dirt if I want to. (Please note that these lax standards don’t apply to chocolatizing, of course.).

For lunch I fried up yesterday’s soft polenta (overnight it became firm polenta) in grape seed oil and ate it with more CSA greens (including radish tops!). I savored some lemon in my water with it, knowing it might be a while before I have the treat of lemon water again. I also savored an awesome article by Jane and Michael Stern about how hard it is to find real rye bread. Sing it, sister, don’t I know it.

I made some polenta for Aaron too, even though he called me a gopher.

After lunch I did this new thing I’m trying called Taking Breaks From Work. It was pretty rad. I read the Saveur (yay for bread) and savored my ultra-decadent lemon water and one lovely caramel. I so rarely just sit and eat a chocolate, it was really nice.

Later on I went to the PO to drop off boxes, and stopped by a mulberry tree of my acquaintance, where I gorged on some not-quite-ripe black mulberries. Fruit!!!

Guess what was for dinner? Polenta! With CSA greens! But I added rosemary and nasturtiums from the garden. Awww.

Finishing the night off in a circular fashion, I just nibbled on some granola while writing this all up.

Another day of DIY nutrition coming up tomorrow!

4 Responses to “No more store: day two”

  1. Bettina

    Hey Lagusta,

    Thanks for sharing your pantry-clearing meals. I love doing this, except that my housemate has a totally different approach. I love it when the fridge and shelves are bare–that means nothing will go to waste and I have full creativity in cooking something new rather than working with what I (which I love too). He loves it when the shelves are full! That means, even if we have x in the fridge, and he doesn’t want to eat X, he’ll buy and cook up y. Whereas I’d keep on eating x until it’s gone, and then I get to buy some new yummies.

    What’s your recipe for rice milk? And if I just have an immersion blender, would that be good enough for rice milk? I know for the nut milks I have to strain, so I am too lazy to diy nut milks with my mini-blender.

    Also, eating good organic dirt is good. It’s a source of B12 vitamins! In Germany they have a saying that dirt cleans the stomach, so I heartily approve!

    • lagusta

      Oh man, cleaning out the cabinets is the best!

      For rice milk, I just blend some overcooked rice with some water and strain it, then add some vanilla and maybe maple syrup. I suspect there are better methods, but that’s mine.

      Ah, I like that saying about dirt—yeah!


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