No more store: day three

OK, here we go. As you know by now, I’m seeing how long I can go without going to the grocery store.

Here’s the backstory, and here are today’s meals:

Breakfast: that stupid crappy lentil soup. Why does soup always make so much?

I missed lemon in my water, so I put some frozen cranberries into it. Not bad. Not great.

I walked the three minutes down the road to The Cheese Plate in Water St Market where sweetheart Kat had ordered some chocolates. I traded for a baguette and some jam—do you think that’s cheating? I didn’t buy it…but I basically did, since she just made my check out for less. Well, whatever, it wasn’t the grocery store—and I think buying vegan things at a cheese shop is a good thing. So contractor pal Aaron and I sat and had some toast and jam and cranberry water. Then some caramels.

Then the other contractor, John, came by and we chatted about toilets backing up and how fun it is to spend money on things like that. Good times on Front Street yesterday, my friends. All fixed now. Unlike my bank account.

Lunch, while making ganache: the last bits of the polenta! Still nice and crispy.

Then I got taken out to dinner, woo! I even got a glass of wine. Super lovely. No photos though, because I’m not one of those dorks. I did eat the leftovers for breakfast today, so check back soon for that super super SUPER exciting photo.

This is sort of boring, isn’t it? Maybe because my meals were intensely boring yesterday and today. I have high hopes for tomorrow. I really want to dazzle you with my awesome cheffy meals, but it’s just not happening these days. It feels weird, not to use skills I know I have. Tomorrow!


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