No more store: day six and seven

Two days in one, let’s go.

(You know the deal: I’m seeing how long I can go without going to the grocery store.

Here’s the backstory, and here are today’s meals.)

The first thing I want to tell you is how AWFUL my homemade mustard is, but I guess I’ll get to that in time.


I ACTUALLY ATE A MEAL AT HOME. Unbelievable! Peep this:

Homemade granola with almond milk. Fuck yeah.

When I went to work, there was a box of cupcakes on the counter that sweet Josie from Moxie Cupcake had left for me. Why? I have no idea why. Because some people are too nice for this mean old world. (Because they were vegan and she had extras.)

Aaron was…what the hell was Aaron doing? Oh, taking off some siding. So he had one, and Maresa stopped by with some strawberries (FRUIT!!! She said, “Here have one,” and I said, “OH MY GOD FRUIT THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE AMAZING” and then she said, “Um, take five. Take more.” So we had cupcakes and strawberries and oh my I love my friends.




For lunch I heated up the not-great chickpea thingie from the day before. I tossed a lot of harissa sauce (from the freezer, damn that shit is good. I use Deborah Madison’s recipe from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. Make it!) into it and it was just fine. I nibbled on that most of the day. Yep, out of the pot again. Real classy. 


It’s only Wednesday, and I can’t remember what the hell I had for dinner on Monday.

I think this might be because I didn’t have dinner. There appears to be no photo of it.

I know this:

I went to see Bridesmaids with some friends and HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT MOVIE IS GOOD. A perfect summertime movie for your standard kickass feminist who hates ignoring her core beliefs (women are people) in order to see a dumb comedy on a hot summer night after a hard day at work. It affirmed my faith in humanity, that silly little movie did, I tell ya. Have you seen it? Did you love it?

The charming movie theater (Rosendale Theatre, a collectively-run vintage little gem of a place) had cheapo oil-popped popcorn with nutritional yeast and lots o’ salt (they also had dried dill as a popcorn topping option….??), and I washed it down with a Sunkist “artificially orange flavored with other natural flavors” soda, which I made everyone I was with drink, most of them against their will, because I hadn’t had it in 20 years or so and I truly think it’s the exact same artificial flavor as that used in orange Skittles. We all agreed it was Skittle juice, and all agreed that it was deliciously revolting.

Three of my fellow movie-goers are organic farmers by trade, so they had brought pints of their own strawberries for snacking, and I ate far more than my share.

Unbelievable. A night out with sweet friends, Skittle juice, noochy popcorn, and just-picked fraises. I was on a goddamn cloud. After the movie we went next door for a “quick drink” which lasted maybe 2 hours while we talked about everything in the world and I got far too tipsy off one Manhattan and perhaps talked too loud and long about I know not what now, which is my usual drinkie-times thing.

I got dropped off at work (my car was there) at midnight or so, and worked for another 2 hours because 1) I have an insane/not-at-all-insane thing about not driving if I’ve had alcohol in the past 3 or 4 or so hours (terrible driver even when sober + terribly lightweight drinker + belief that driving drunk is one of the worst sins one could commit = me always begging to carpool when I know a drink might be in the mix), and because, well, I always have a lot of work to do, and midnight-2 am seems like as good a time as any to do it.


Movie time was fun, but a small biz owner always has to pay the price for fun. Mine came at 8:30 am, after I’d slept far too little and had to get back to work to finish a big truffle order.

I’ve had 20 cups of overcooked-yet-crunchy (don’t you hate it when that happens? Undercooked in some spots and overcooked in others? Can you tell my rice cooker was broken for a while there? IT WAS HELL.) coconut milk-cooked rice sitting in the freezer for months (I can’t remember who overcooked it, way back last fall when we were making Cuban Beans and Coconut Rice with Tostones and Peppers….oh man, I wish I had a meal delivery service to feed me these days.). Every once in a while I pull it out to make mushy breakfast rice, which I like a lot. (Or horchata, as the helpful label says. As I only like horchata with rum it in at parties, and as I’m too poor/busy to throw a party, I haven’t made any horchata in a while.)

I chipped off a corner, heated it up with some water and more coconut milk (fat + white foods, yay!), and ate it with maple syrup and a chiffonaded (fun fact! chefs are the only people allowed to Anglicize French words by adding -ed and -ing, did you know that? No one but a chef can get away with saying they are “doing some private cheffing.” or “tourned the fuck out of those potatoes” or “sautéed” [ok, yeah, that one is common enough everyone can have it, I guess].) pineapple sage leaf from the garden outside.

Perfection. And more freezer space. Double perfection.


For lunch I had more of the cole slaw-y thing from Sunday. It was OK.

I could have had all that wild lime/saffron milk chocolate ganache on the left, but I had a mere spoonful, amazing though I must admit it is, and had cole-ish slaw instead. (I’ve been down the ganache-for-lunch road before and know how that story ends…).

I picked up my CSA share and nibbled on snap peas, yum yum, while I painted for a while,

(I ate almost all of them and got that summery stomachache all my friends and I seem to get when you eat too many snap peas / green beans / any green raw vegetable I can’t keep my hands off of. It signals summer to me (ah, the pleasant stomach cramp of Upstate New York in June!). It passes, then I continue gorging. I also get a weird apple-gorging stomachache every fall, does this happen to anyone else?)

then comes the tragedy. I made a FREAKING AMAZING dinner, and took FREAKING AMAZING photos of it, which I just permanently deleted because I am FREAKING NUTS about constantly cleaning photos from my card reader and computer because I’m always running out of space because I refuse to transfer several seasons of a show that may or may not may not include Jon Hamm from my desktop onto a hard drive because who knows when you’re going to be working late and might need to watch three seasons of glorious vintage clothing and social mores depicted so brilliantly, plus did I mention Jon Hamm?

So in my zest for a fast computer, I trashed the photos before I’d uploaded them here.

I do have this one of the beets + the freshly oiled countertop though:

And the menu (please note that I actually ate a multi-course meal, for once.)

Beautiful butter lettuce, with the season’s first tiny baby yellow beets, in a romesco sauce vinaigrette

THE FIRST BATCH OF HOMEMADE TEMPEH OF 2011 (it came out amazing! I took so many nice photos of it that are now gone!), cut all pretty on the bias and fried all crispy, with a drizzle of romesco sauce, garnished with fried garlic scapes.

(My romesco is loosely based on this one. You can probably guess I’ve got a quart or so of it in the freezer I’m working though. It’s delicious.)

Sigh. Better photos tomorrow, pals.

OH WAIT! The mustard! Remember how I made my own mustard and was all smug about it? Dude, that shit SUCKS. It’s wildly and hellaciously spicy and raw and bittery. I added some to the romesco vinaigrette and had to balance it out with a ton more e.v.o and vinegar before it was edible. I think tomorrow I’m going to add a lot of sugar, more vinegar and more wine and shake that mofo up and let it age a bit before I try it again.

Don’t worry, I will report back in excruciatingly minute detail.

Happy eating to you!


13 Responses to “No more store: day six and seven”

  1. India-leigh @ aveganobsession

    I accidentally spat tofu, coconut & chocolate mousse (with a rather nice mirabelle plum swirl) over my white sofa because I kept bursting out laughing. Do stand up girl!….and send me $ for the dry cleaning.

  2. Jordan

    BRIDESMAIDS!! I havent seen a movie in a theater for soooo long! It was soooo funny.. My favorite part was when that lady was in the sink and yelling at the other girl “dont look at me!” I havent seen a movie that made me want it to stop being so funny so i could have a sec to breath!

    My friend has that book “vegetarian cooking for everyone” and I wanted to get it however she read a passage in it from Deborah Madison, that really bugged me. Like she didnt care about animals or something it was years and years ago when i was very young and newly vegan. Has the book got alot of good recipes? because i might just have to get it, and ignore her shittyness.

    I also did something like your no store thing,, It was like 3 years ago.. And it wasnt that i couldnt shop at a store but that i had to shop at only this one store… Which was like one step up from a dollar store, It had a produce dept and some bags of rice and beans.. Then it had an entire Isle of touch lamps! The reason I had forced myself to shop there was because I had gotten fat for a vegan and every time i went to the health food store I would leave with vegan cookies and fake meat. SO I figured that if i made myself shop at the touch lamp store until i dropped 20 then I could shop elsewhere… in less then two months I had achived goal and that store never saw me again!

    • lagusta

      Jordan, your comments always brighten my day.

      Yeah, Deborah Madison is blech because she’s really open about not being a vegetarian…but I still like that book!

      I love your no store challenge—when you said “I had gotten fat for a vegan” I somehow read it as that you purposely “got fat” in order to please a vegan, which made me laugh.

      I’m off to dream of an entire aisle of touch lamps—I love those things!!

  3. Jordan

    I wish I could meet a vegan that wanted me fat! That theater sounds Amazing! I’m planning a trip to bloodroot/NYC!! In Sept. I plan on not going to see anything or spend any money shopping I just want to EAT my way thru that city and I’m also trying to get tickets to Martha stewart. I hate that I love her but I do. I only follow two blogs yours and hers. P.S. your blogs Brighten my day! And if you or anyone else that follows this blog have Ideas on where I should eat in NYC Let me know!! I’m already going to go to Kajitsu, I dont even like Japanese food that much, But how could i pass it up?

  4. lagusta

    Hey, no shame in loving The Martha. I’ve been a loyal subscriber for at least 12 years.

    I agree about Candle 79–also Lula’s for ice cream, maybe Pukk if you want something cheap and tasty, hmm. Here’s my foodie guide to the Lower East Side, maybe that will give you some ideas? Have fun!

  5. Jordan

    Thanks Dustin, I have heard alot about Candle 79! on my list already! I have heard that Angelicas Kitchen is good?? And Blossom?? I know for sure Im eating two days at bloodroot both lunch and dinner and im going to see if i can do their cooking/class thing where they teach you something you would like to make as long as it isnt out of season.. I could watch them make a Peanut butter and Jelly sandwhich and it would be fantastic!! Checking out that guide Lagusta! Thanks!

    • lagusta

      I happen to hate Angelica…but I know others have had good experiences there. Full disclosure: I haven’t been there in 10 years or so. Also: the Italian restaurant next door (John’s) has a fantastically trashy, cheesey (Daiya) vegan menu. It’s delicious and oily and I love it.

      • Dustin Rhodes

        Anjelica’s is SOOOO not worth your time or money. I don’t think it’s bad, per se. But it’s completely uninteresting and not inventive. I suppose bland is the word. I always say it reminds me of what lesbians probably cooked in the 1970’s (which I imagine to be lots of steamed veggies, bulghar, beans and the like).

        ALSO: I don’t think Blossom is all that, either. And the prices are pretty steep too. Candle 79 is expensive, too, but the food is outstanding. I think Sacred Chow — a decidedly inexpensive, no frills place — is mostly excellent. Their seitan sandwiches are amazing. So is their kale. Their menu is big and hard to navigate, but it’s mostly yummy.

        Another affordable, quaint, good vegan place is Peacefood Cafe — which is at, like, 80th and Amsterdam. They also do excellent seitan and they have — drum roll, please — chickpea fries! And they’re delicious! Plus, they have a pastry chef, so their desserts are in-house, and the tiramisu is mouth-watering. (Stay away from the cake-y things if you don’t want/like earth balance, but there are some real dessert surprises there. I highly recommend the strawberry cream cheese shortcake). Last time I went to NYC, I ate at Peacefood 3 times. It’s not fancy food, but it’s very very tasty.

      • lagusta

        You and I are NYC restaurant twins, my friend.

        I’ve only been to Blossom for brunch, I think, and it was OUT OF CONTROL DELICIOUS. But that’s coming from a severely brunch-starved Upstater, where I wind up having fucking salads while all my non-vegan pals are tucking into French toast. I have a feeling if I were to go more often the awesomeness would fade. Candle 79 is good, but I’m never blown away by it, which I want to be. But good is good.

        I love Peacefood Cafe!

  6. Dustin Rhodes

    Well, I would agree with you about the Blossom brunch: that’s pretty good. It’s their other stuff that I only think is so-so. (And for whatever reason, brunch food is not at all my thing, even if it’s amazing). And, let’s be honest, a lot of their menu is simply Candle 79 knock-offs. But not done as well. IMHO.


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