No More Store blog post coming tomorrow, pals! I’ve had a bit of a sore throat and a bit of dramarama with secretly opening up the shop this week (shhh), but I’ve been dutifully photographing my awful diet (dog biscuits and miso soup is *literally* about all I’ve eaten. For serious.) and will report back soon.

In other news, I feel some commendation is due to our old BFF/frenemy The New Yorker—the June 6 edition was packed with feministish content I really enjoyed, especially this insane Ariel Levy (is she not the best thing to happen to TNY since the Tina Brown-era came to an end?) piece about Berlusconi. Just some of the fun facts about Italy that emerged:

Ninety-five per cent of Italian men have never operated a washing machine. Until 1981, a “crime of honor”—killing your wife for being unfaithful or your sister for having premarital sex—could be treated as a lesser offense than other murders; as late as 2007, a man in Palermo was sentenced to just two days in jail for murdering his wife after their children testified that she had been disrespectful to him. According to the World Economic Forum’s 2010 Global Gender Gap Report, Italy ranks seventy-fourth in women’s rights, between the Dominican Republic and Gambia. Women constitute a smaller percentage of the workforce in Italy than in any other country in the European Union, apart from Malta, and those who work make barely half as much as their male counterparts.

Jesus Christ.


As excited as I am by the historic marriage equality vote in my state last night, this New York Times op-ed sums up my concerns about marriage well, though it doesn’t mention the biggest one: marriage is dumb.

Time for bed!

2 Responses to “food/Italy/marriage”

  1. adriennefriend

    That article made me ill. I couldn’t believe it when someone said something to the writer about not being able to be around him because he might come on to her!


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