No More Store: days 8, 9, 10: dog biscuits and miso soup

Well hello there! Here we are again.

As you probably know, I’m seeing how long I can go without going to the grocery store.
Here’s the backstory.

Let’s get to it. On Day Eight 8 (Wednesday) I made miso soup using my CSA veggies, Aaron’s amazing shiitake mushrooms, my amazing homemade miso, and sea veggies and shoyu I have masses of here at work.

Also, I made dog biscuits.

With all lovely vegan, organic ingredients. So I ate a bunch to test them out.

Then I got a little sore throat thing. (I don’t think it was related to the dog biscuits.)

So I ate more miso soup.

And I went to bed, if not early, before midnight, which was at least something.

On Day Nine I felt pretty awful. Exhaustion/sore throat/cloudy head. Crap.

So I ate miso soup.

And that was it.

I think I had another dog biscuit too.

On Day Ten I started feeling a bit better, but just a bit.

So I had rice and maple syrup and pineapple sage for breakfast again.

And I worked, and I worked, and I worked.

For lunch I had lettuce I had to eat up from my CSA, plus a creamy dressing leftover from last week’s cole slaw thingie.

For dinner I made peanut noodles.

And then I went to my friend the mulberry tree, and gathered all she had to offer.

The next day I had mulberries for breakfast, and bok choy so expertly seared that it set off the smoke alarm, with noodles with not a lot of peanut sauce.

I went out to dinner that night, and there we go: three more days of self-reliance. I think I might be able to do this forever!



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