No More Store, Day 13

Yesterday I ate:

-1/2 a loaf of sourdough bread, dipped in olive oil, in tiny bites all day long.

-1 pint gooseberries.

-1 pint strawberries.

-1 slice amazingly delicious birthday cake, chocolate with vanilla bean frosting and strawberry filling. Made by my BFF Maresa for her BF, M. Insanely delicious. Perhaps now is the time to mention that she will be selling cupcakes at the shop?

-Some watermelon at M’s birthday party.

-20,000 gallons of lemon tea with agave syrup.

-1 Alleve. See comments from yesterday’s post.

Good times.

My hopes for today include getting my appetite back, being able to talk in my normal register, not two octives below it, and…

…successfully running the shop again! Yay!

"I can sit here for exactly three more seconds, before I have to go do the neti pot again lest I explode with phlegm."

Despite the fact that I feel like death, I’m loving the shopkeeper life. I did lots of Facebook freaking out earlier today about how everything is SO INSANELY WONDERFUL (sore throat and no appetite not withstanding). Go see the madness.

love, lots of love, so much love, I’m turning into a crazy new agey love machine, I tell ya,


4 Responses to “No More Store, Day 13”

  1. Jordan

    The cake!!! The store!!!! That dress!!!! Really though that store is fucking wonderful good job!! The dress and cake are great also but really that store, holy knock my socks off!!

  2. Meghan

    The shop looks amazing! I’ve been to New Paltz just once about a million years ago and it was nice, but the more I read your blog and look at your pictures the more it seems like a magical wonderland. Congratulations on the opening!


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