No More Store, day 14

I bet I can knock this one out in 5 minutes:

As you probably know, I’m seeing how long I can go without going to the grocery store.
Here’s the backstory.

I started feeling slightly better yesterday, and I’m feeling plain old AMAZING today. Which is good, because hiding your hacking cough and cigarette voice from customers, not to mention washing my hands 2,000 times a day (as opposed to the usual 1,000) and using up a million pairs of foodservice gloves lest I accidentally touch any part of my cootie-filled body with a hand is not very fun.

Anyway, I ate.

Snap peas.

Then another 1/2 lb of snap peas on the drive home from picking up my CSA share.

Choco scraps, of course.

And one pain au chocolat. I would have preferred a plain croissant, but I had to see if there was enough chocolat in the chocolats–nope. More next time. Is the plural of “pain au chocolat” “pains aux chocolat”? I am seriously lazy here. While I’m at it, why does Netflix instant no longer seem to have the option to add movies to your queue? All I can ever do is press play, but sometimes you don’t want to watch Jane Eyre right then! And how can I block LinkedIn from ever sending me another stupid “invitation to connect” ever again? Blog, please solve all my niggling problems!

Slightly less than 20,000 gallons of lemon tea with agave.

Two magical Alleves.

I was just starting to think about making some miso soup when a friend came by to buy some chocolates and mentioned he was on his way to Taco Shack. Taco Shack is my favorite guilty pleasure restaurant (err, shack) in the world (it seems to inexplicably please and confuse people when I go on about the perfect shittiness of Taco Shack, and I have to explain to them how chefs aren’t food snobs, just people who love good food, even shitty good food. Also, I know TS is connected, for me, to memories of the luxuriously shitty Texy-Mexy I grew up on in The Hot State.) and for some reason that got my mouth watering. I knew I was starting to feel better.

Then another friend came by and mumbled something about looking for some dinner. (I seem to have a little crew of rudderless dudes who stop by suspiciously often around mealtimes, yes. More often than not, I feed them. What can you do.) I said that if he wanted to make a Taco Shack run, I would be more than happy to share some spoils. I told him to get me an off-menu chimichanga with those deliciously sloppy canned refried beans, Spanish rice, tomatoes, and lettuce inside, and a double order of guacamole, salsa, and hot sauce on the outside. Fried burrito? Someone’s feeling better!

What arrived was, as my friend put it, “typical Taco Shack. Inconsistent and disgusting.” (Not everyone’s a fan. Or, more accurately: not anyone’s a fan, but me.). A weaksauce chimi filled only with refrieds, fried apparently in cold oil (check out that sogginess!), sitting forlornly in a sea of sad rice, with one sad little tub of guac and salsa on the side.

Whatever, I still ate half of it then and half at midnight. I’m not a food waster!

And that, my friends, was what I ate yesterday.

Coming up today: using up two weeks’ of CSA groceries!

10 Responses to “No More Store, day 14”

  1. Ted Palenski

    it’d only be “pains aux” if “chocolat” were plural.

    but it’s not, so it’s just “pains au chocolat”

    now, if there were more than one type of chocolate… (mmm!)

  2. rhonda

    You don’t even know me but I swear we could be sisters. Rudderless dudes! Cracked me up.

    • lagusta

      Well, I love the name Rhonda…so maybe we’re secret sisters already!

  3. Katy

    Lagusta, those croissants look stunning – I know you were working on the recipe for a while; can you share it?



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