No more store, day 15


(I’m seeing how long I can go without going to the grocery store. Here’s the deal).

So where were we. Day 15, I guess, was Wednesday. Halfway through, if I decide to stop documenting this after a month. Woo!

Blueberries for breakfast, and throughout the day. I think I went through a good 2 pints.

For lunch I threw together some pasta with some cashewy saucey thingie, plus arugula and the very first summer squash of the season.

For dinner I made a quickie soup with Aaron’s homegrown shiitake mushrooms, CSA veggies, and leftover pasta from lunch. It was delicious and I pretty much ate that entire pot, since I hadn’t eaten that much all day. The white stuff on the side is more cashewy saucey stuff with basil added I thought I’d use like sour cream in the soup, but really that didn’t do it for me so…wait, where is that stuff? I think it’s still sitting in the fridge, untouched.

And there we are. Incredibly boring, but that’s only because I don’t want to overwhelm you when I show you the INCREDIBLE AWESOMENESS THAT IS TOMORROW. (Or, as you could also call it, from this vantage point, “yesterday.”).

Don’t change that dial, pals.

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