No more store, day 16: in which I monetize my sickness.

(I’m seeing how long I can go without going to the grocery store. Here’s the deal).

My stupid sickness continues, the sore throat, the cough, the stuffy nose. It’s getting annoying. By Thursday I decided to be done with it. I never, ever get sick, and I know this is lasting longer than it should because of all the 12, 13, 14 and 15-hour days I was pulling, but my zestiness for getting the shop properly stocked just isn’t allowing me to sleep much at night. I’m loving my new life, and just want to keep throwing all I have at it. Great for work, not so great for healing.

So on Thursday I decided to buy some cough drops. No one makes their own cough drops, right? I was tired of suppressing my coughing at the shop, always zipping to the bathroom to cough when people left. As I was driving to work, telling myself I’d walk to the health food store after I got the shop up and running to get some Ricola or something, I started thinking: what are cough drops?

Sugar, and aromatics, right? I’ve got plenty of those. I’ve made peppermints before, why couldn’t I make cough drops?

I googled around.

I found this.

I made it.


My homemade cough drops are LIFE TRANSFORMATIVE BITS OF DELICIOUSNESS that I adore so much I’m going to sell them in the shop (as you can see, I need to stop eating them and make a hundred or so more.).

fennel and fenugreek waiting to be whizzed up in the spice grinder.

I used a blend of 2/3 granulated sugar and 1/3 nice local organic maple syrup, plus sage, fenugreek, fennel, and masses upon masses of peppermint extract, since those were the things I had in the kitchen that were on the list of things that would be good to add to cough drops.

I would have very much liked some eucalyptus. If you have some growing, want to leave some by the door? I’ll give you some chocolates as a trade!

Even without eucalyptus, the cough drops were damn amazing. And I never would have even thought to make them if it weren’t for this silly little challenge.

I’m so happy of myself!

Obviously, the ones I'll sell won't be all different sizes...

Then I ate a fennel and carrot and lettuce salad while I watched “Gigantic” (sorta cute? sorta weird. sorta annoying.) and candied 200 borage flowers for this dinner you should go to. (but before you buy your ticket, be sure to ask about veganness.)

Oh yeah, and I ate some of these.

And a bunch of almond skins, because I had to blanch almonds for those almond-strawberry dudes.

And then some peanut noodles, also while I did the borage flowers. I suddenly feel the need to point out to you that I seem to push food I’m eating toward work I’m working on for the sake of a photo, but in reality I do not eat my own food over chocolates and other work-food, which would be gross and lead to contamination issues. OK, I feel better.

And by then it was 1:30 am, and I went home. It was a good day!

5 Responses to “No more store, day 16: in which I monetize my sickness.”

  1. stephanieortolano

    To add to your herb garden: horehound mint. Great for cough drops! I try to make a few quarts of elderberry syrup from my berries each year for any possible cough-related illnesses, but a tablespoon in your daily tea is also supposed to prevent cold/flu.

    • lagusta

      horehound mint! wow, i’ve never heard of it. thank you! Ah, my friends at Bloodroot have elderberries, I keep meaning to plant a bush. So pretty!


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