No more store, day 17

(I’m not going to the grocery store for a month! Here’s the deal).

It was Friday. A croissant to start the day. Can you tell I have a new habit I intend to indulge in every day until I die?

How pretty did the display case look?

This was my view of the shop in the morning. So quiet and lovely.

Honestly, internet, I’m just procrastinating because I don’t know what I ate on Friday.

I know I had leftover peanut noodles, and I know I had vanilla-strawberry cupcakes, which we sold at the shop and for some reason I totally neglected to photograph…and I think that might have been it until 8, when I walked to a lovely dinner with lovely friends. Croissants (I do believe I had two), some fruit here and there (blueberries, strawberries), choco scraps, leftover peanut noodles, and then a nice restaurant dinner.




2 Responses to “No more store, day 17”

  1. adriennefriend

    So quiet, so lovely!

    Sorry if this is too forward, but Nate wants to know if we can take you out to dinner while we’re there?

    • lagusta

      ha ha! you’re so sweet! let’s email about what day of the week you’ll be here….cool!


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