No more store, day 21

Soooooooooo. It’s day 21 of me not going to the grocery store! Yay for me!  This first post explains why I’m doing this. Here’s the short version: I’m poor.

Tuesday: Tuesdays are supposed to be my day off, but I had too much to do, so I just took a half day off, which was nice too. I went blueberry picking with my precious half day, and yes, the blueberries were for work so maybe it doesn’t really count as a day off, but it was fun so whatevs.

I also happened to be wearing a dress with blueberries all over it! Very random and awesome.

For breakfast I had a toasty jam sandwich and a cupcake. This thing of having cupcakes at the shop all the time is going to kill me, I can see that now.

For lunch I meant to sauté up some of this chickpea-brown rice tempeh, which was fresh from the incubator, but..


…work got in the way and it never happened. What happened instead was that I went to take my sweet crazy cat Sula to vet the check up on a UTI situation the poor dude has (everything’s fine, I just like to get his urine tested now and then to make sure) and, somewhere around 5 PM when we were pulling out of the vet’s, I realized I hadn’t eaten anything but that cupcake and that jamwich all day.

Also, I had to make a left turn to get home from the vet and the way I make left turns is to pull into some place where I can make a right turn, and well, um, the thing is, Taco Shack is directly across from the vet, perfectly placed as a turnaround spot for a terrible driver like me.

I pulled into The Shack and asked Sula if he minded if I gave it another whirl. He really, really did.


But I was really, really hungry. So I got another chimichanga, and hung out in the car with Sula while I waited for it.  It was better than last week’s. I liked it. But I think it’s been well-docmented that when it comes to the Shack I pretty much put all my food snobbiness aside, and just revel in the crap.

After blueberry picking I came home and ate the other half of the chimi with some salad, and stayed up until 2 am doing paperwork. Amazing day off. (I am not being sarcastic.)

The Rescue Remedy in that photo is for my little Sula-man.

Somewhere in there I ate a lot of snap peas, too. Just FYI.




6 Responses to “No more store, day 21”

  1. Jordan

    Taco shack! That looks so good! We just got an all vegan taco stand in our town across town is a vegan hot dog stand. You guessed it,, I get a hot dog and eat it on the way to the taco stand! I wish blueberries grew here. I just had a talk about that with my best friend (76 year old Asian/american vegan restaurant owner with a urban garden in the parking lot/alley). She had planted blueberries in her garden and now in thier 2nd year they are little sticks with one or two browing leaves and no fruit. I hope your cats ok! He looks ok!

  2. rubystx

    A month ago a vegetarian mexican place opened right by my work. They have every kind of fake meat taco you could wish for and a juicer! I’m trying to figure out what cult they belong to!

    • lagusta

      ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I want this! tell my mom where it is, will ya?

  3. Diane L

    Your description of how you make a left turn made me laugh out loud! I love reading your posts!

  4. adriennefriend

    dear one! I finally added your blog to my blogroll on cracktheplates! Why did it take so long? Yours is my favorite, anyway.


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