No More store, day 22: the day in which I went to the store.


As you know, I’m not going to the store for a month.

Except that today I went to the store. See, here’s the problem with not going to the store: I run a food business. And sometimes you need…food. In my case, I needed coconut for the nibby bars. So I got some coconut. And that’s it.

Oh god, I cannot tell a lie. I also got razor refills. But that was it, promise!

I nibbled on some utterly perfect CSA raspberries while I drove around.

And anyway, I didn’t need anything else from the store, because my sweetest pal/BFF/sous chef/right hand woman Maresa had given me the most amazing gift of all time the day before:

How’d she know what I’ve been craving for 22 days??

Speaking of Maresa, she made these RIDICULOUS lavender chocolate cupcakes, so I started the afternoon off right with one.

Then this one got squished somehow so, you know, it wasn’t sellable. So I ate that one too.

This is getting ridiculous.

To atone, I nibbled on leftover sticky rice the rest of the afternoon.

Then I made an unbelievably delicious salad with CSA lettuce, shiitake bacon (fry shiitakes in lots of oil until super crispety, add lots of salt), that magical avo, and a harissa-heavy vinaigrette.

It was so good after a long, runaround day.

So perfect outside with the tomato-scented air and glorious, glorious warmth. Summer! Even working 15 hour days, it’s wonderful.

OK, back to work. I made one zillion strawberries and cream barks,

then around 10:30 I made myself some creamy broccoli soup with lovely CSA + farmer’s market groceries and THE LAST OF THE CASHEWS.

Life without cashews is going to be sad. No more creamy sauces! Well, until the challenge is over. Boo. So I’ll savor this soup.

Sleepytime. Thanks for reading!

2 Responses to “No More store, day 22: the day in which I went to the store.”

  1. indialeigh

    still enjoying your voyeurly scribbings. p.s what are strawberries and cream barks? the mixture looks gorgeous!

    • lagusta

      they are pure bits of awesomeness! they aren’t online, but email me if you want to order any, and i can send you a PayPal invoice for ’em…it’s white chocolate + dark chocolate bark with freeze-dried strawberries.


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