No more store: day 23!

So it was Thursday. And I was still not going to the store.  What I was doing was:

-Photographing these big giant strawberries + cream barks we’re selling in the shop. I call them “party bark.” Can you imagine how popular you’ll be when you show up at a party with 11 ounces of dark chocolate + white chocolate + freeze dried strawberries? I can, because I have been that person, and it’s rad.

-I made Choco o’ the month ganache for 500 blueberry truffles, and honestly, it was good, but it came out a bit blurry. Like, in real life. This photo is super sharp, the ganache itself was blurry. For reals, yo.

(Maybe now is the time I should mention I’ve been up for too many hours, working for too many hours, and my brain is melting.)

-For lunch Maresa and I had little rice cakey fried things and broccoliy creamy soupy, and man it was good, but honestly, a bit of a gut bomb, what with the fried rice cakes and the super rich soup. Also: I don’t let Maresa sit down to eat lunch. She has to stand. I’m mean like that.

-Then I stayed at work until 2 am and made croissants and pain au chocolatz, which I just learned are also called “chocolatines,” and which I also just learned/remembered, should be square. These are the things that being vegan for 18 years can do to you: you forget what shape your pain au chocolats should be. I’m putting a whole album of photos of the making of them on Facebook, so go peep that tomorrow or Monday if you’re interested in hot solid fat + flour action.

-For dinner I had the rest of the cream o’ broc soup with an old croissant dipped into it. GUT BOMB OF THE BESTEST KIND!





6 Responses to “No more store: day 23!”

  1. Sara Ann Sütterlin

    I feel slightly responsible for the new found chocolatine knowledge! Honestly, I’ve heard both terms used equally, but my mother always said chocolatine and I find it cuter. Good god those croissants look awesome.

  2. ecclescake

    Ooh, I love all the photos in these posts. I love seeing more of the shop and its details. My favorite is the photo in this post with Maresa because I can see what’s next to your shop! Based on the first photos I remember seeing of the building, I always imagined your shop all by its lonesome surrounded by northeastern trees. Even though I knew that wasn’t the case. But look! It’s a street with stuff going on!

  3. lagusta

    Actually, it’s a pretty cute street. We’ve got a rail trail and some nice apts on one side, the country’s Oldest Continually Inhabited Residential Street down the street a-ways (complete with 1700s stone houses with slave quarters, etc), a super cute and insanely popular karate studio across the street, and some offices (architect, gyno), and next to the karate is a frat house which is dumb. Next to us up the street a bit (behind M in the photo) is a shoe store. Then when you cross the street the rest of the street is really lovely, with an old-timey toy store, bakery that sux, olive oil store, ice cream store that sux, japanese restaurant i love, and the library. Sigh. I LOVE NORTH FRONT STREET!!!

    • ecclescake

      Wow, that sounds lovely! When I was a kid I took ballet classes, and one of my fondest memories is of getting a mint chocolate chip meringue (they were pink!) every Wednesday after class from the bakery next to the ballet studio. If that karate studio has kids’ classes, you should totally make some, I dunno, chocolate nunchuks or something to lure in the karate crowd! Or offer a free cupcake to whoever can chop a board in half with their hand.

      • lagusta

        oh YES. I am mulling over a karate choco, you know it! The owner is super sweet, he’s been talking the place up a lot.

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