No more store: day 24: the home stretch

Oh dudes, I can do this. Only a week until I can go to the store again!

But really, I think I’ll keep it going and see how long I can go even after the month is up. It’s been crazy easy so far, honestly (avocado and onion lust not withstanding. And anyway, onions are coming into season. Though! The other night at around 2 am I got a craving for Tings that turned me into a crazy woman, tearing apart the cabinets in a Tings-obsessed lust/rampage, hoping to find a forgotten bag in the back of a cabinet or something…even though I knew that a bag of Tings rarely makes it out of my fingers with anything but powdery dust to show for itself. My Noodle-cat is similarly Tings-obsessed, so if she hadn’t sniffed out the bag first, I should have known it didn’t exist. I actually almost never have snacks in my house, unless they’re things Jacob brings home from tour leftover from the dressing room rider of a recent show or something (usually just brown M&Ms, as you’d imagine.).

Anyway, it was Friday.

I got to work and was starving, so I heated up something I found in the fridge: some leftover noodles from soup a few days ago. A fine brekkie.

Then I had a caramel.

Then Maresa and I thought we invented the most amazing thing of all time: CHOCOLATE-DIPPED SUNGOLD TOMATOES! Sprinkled with smoked sea salt, we were congratulating ourselves on our brilliance before the choco was even dry. Then we tasted them.

The less said about the combination of tomatoes and chocolate the better, my friends. That’s about all I’ll say, in fact.

Except that my new great invention is: chocolate-dipped ground cherries! (also called cape gooseberries, husk cherries, pineapple tomatillos, and many more—do you know this lovely little fruit? I love them.). They’re not in season yet, but I’ve already reserved a flat from my farmer pal Jessica when they do come around. We’ll see!

(I’m pretty positive I had a lemon thyme cupcake both Thursday and Friday that for some reason I didn’t photograph. I’m also pretty sure I had two on Friday.)

Then I made some sauteed veggies thing with CSA veggies and ate it while I looked at Regretsy for a little bit.

Break time over, back to work!

I don’t think I ate enough Friday.

4 Responses to “No more store: day 24: the home stretch”

  1. ecclescake

    Speaking of chocolate-covered tomatoes, I found this while looking for recipes to use up my glut of chilis negros:

    “Sterilize a 1 qt mason jar. Blanch enough peppers to overflow the jar. Dump into ice water to stop the cooking. Cut a small slit in each pepper. I leave the stems on so I have a little handle.

    Fill and pack the jar with peppers. Sprinkle 1 tsp sugar in the jar. Fill with the brandy of your choice. Seal the jar tightly and place on a shelf in the garage or wherever. Invert the jar every other day for 1 month.

    Place in the refrigerator until ready to eat or, melt 1 pound of semi-sweet or milk chocolate and dip each pepper ’til coated well. Place on a flat tray and refrigerate.”

    So…brandied hot peppers, covered in chocolate. From

    • lagusta

      I don’t know man….it sounds kinda gross. Also…they would be wet! And you can’t dip wet things in chocolate! I don’t get this recipe. I had some whiskey infused with chipotle the other day and had to eat two caramels to get my mouth back in order. Hmm. Let me know how it goes if you do it!

      • ecclescake

        Maybe if you drain & blot them first? But yeah, I don’t think I will do it. “Kinda gross” is the perfect way to describe it.

        I’m pickling my chilis with garlic, and may turn them into pickled hot sauce. I’ve infused dry sherry with chilis, and I like it for cooking.

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