No more store: day 25

No More Store continues to move smoothly along.

I made up for not eating enough on Friday with Saturday: I started the day off right with a delicious almond-lavender cupcake (so good, I can’t even tell you) that Maresa made for the shop, then I fiddled with the new coffee system I’ve been working on, but I made friends drink the tester coffees and I had only the tiniest sip because COFFEE IS GROSS and I don’t know why no one else has realized this (also, as has been well-documented on this blog, caffeine + Lagusta = deadly tornado of wild energy that could swallow up the universe).

At this point, our blog-pal Adrienne and her sweetheart Nate came into the shop! Hooray for far-flung colleagues coming to visit!

For lunch Maresa and I had tacos from The Good Taco Place (as opposed to The Shack), and they were good, as they always are. Grilled portobello mushrooms + red onion marmalade + fresh guac + homemade garlicky hot sauce, all rolled into a grilled blue corn tortilla. I could eat that $4 taco every day.

it's 1:07 am and I am not going to take the effort to tilt this photo. Somehow, you'll survive.

Then later on I had a nice break outside with another cupcake.

And then I made myself a nice salad with turnips and a basil vinaigrette, and when my dentist (you know him!) came by to pick up some chocos, I was happy I was eating the salad and not the cupcake.

More work, then I actually had a lovely 3-part dinner:  some CSA veggies with just s&p,

then a few bites of a beet and fennel and turnip salad with more basil vinaigrette,

then greens and my friend Aaron’s gorgeous log-grown shiitakes. Woo!

And another day is done.



4 Responses to “No more store: day 25”

    • atsugal

      Jesus Christ! Everyone likes something different. Every one I talked to said vanilla is the shiz. You like the plain, eh? Hmm.

  1. zoe p.

    I feel deep regret about mentioning it. I can’t even imagine the juggling that goes on in your line of work, even as I am fascinated by it here on the blog.

    But flavored soy is almost always sweetened, so I never use it unless I’m ready to inspect the packaging, etc, etc, etc. And a lot of people who like coffee don’t like flavors in their coffee.

    • lagusta

      No, I welcome the knowledge! Not being a coffee drinker, and thus not being able to be snobby about coffee and its accoutrements, I need to know all this stuff in order to be the best snob possible! I’m terrified a customer will see through the gaps in my coffee knowledge. It’s very weird to sell something I can’t constantly taste in order to reassure myself it’s right…


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