No more store, days 27 and 28

I’m not going to the store for a month! Poverty + a recommitment to my DIY aesthetic + summer CSA produce = the No More Store project.

Actually, as I write this, it’s already been over a month. Yay for me!

Ok, blah blah, Let’s get to this, because I need to be up in 6 hours.

Oh also: suddenly there are 700 comments in the spam queue thingie on this here blog, so…if you wrote a comment and it isn’t showing up it’s probably there and I don’t know what to do about that except to go through all those comments, and I’m not about to do that any time soon. So there we are.

And also also: did I already mention that I’ve been doing some nice food blogging over at my professional blog? Check it!


I hung out with my sweet new pal Adrienne pretty much all day, swimming and eating and chatting. She’s got photos (of note: my hair is full of split ends. This is what happens when it’s illegal for you to wear it down. Also: my friend Mark looks like Michael C. Hall, don’t you think?) and all the details. Thanks, Adrienne, for writing a post so I don’t have to!

Oh, but I have some photos too. Most importantly, I was dog-sitting Jacob’s mom’s dog, Jack, all week, so Little Jackie Paper and I shared many a meal, like this one, of that pasta and chickpea thing from the last post.

I am in love with Jackie and made plans to run off into the sunset with him all week, then on Friday he got into his real mommy’s car and rode back to Montreal and I pretty much cried my eyes out.

It brought up all my constantly-being-suppressed maternal doggie urges, and I pledged yet again that when my life and cats calm down (I’m still in the, ah, doghouse with them for bring The Huge Creature into the house) I will adopt a sweet older dog, one who will be able, like Jackie, to hide out secretly at the shop all day with no one noticing the blatant health dept. violation.

Speaking of meals, I stuffed Jackie so full of my homemade dog biscuits that I’m surprised he didn’t burst.



Jackie and Adrienne and her sweet bf Nate and my pal Mark (bf of famous-on-this-blog Maresa, who was, of all places, at THE JERSEY SHORE!!!) and I went swimming.



Time off!

It was amazing.

No Mark, I'm not going to swim to that freezing cold waterfall, but thanks for the offer!


Let me just say that in one week I’ve eaten a FLAT of blueberries. Like: 12 PINTS. I’ve shared some with friends, but not that many. So, that’s been my breakfast and constant snack companion all week. I’m debating if I should snag another flat at the farmer’s market tomorrow.

And, of course, a cuppie. I’ve been following my strict cupcake-a-day-keeps-the-doctor-away diet to the letter.

The other thing about Tuesday was that my cooking smock was longer than the dress I was wearing and the fact that this happens often makes me wonder if that means my summer dresses are too short.
After a bit of work, I went to Brooklyn to do some product procurement (Dr. Cow cheese!!! Amazing jam!) for the shop, see a Cibo Matto show, and hang out with my bestest pal Than.
I had a Foodswings pistachio milkshake for lunch (I feel like I forgot about a meal in there somewhere [forgot to eat it, or forgot to photograph it, not sure which] but alas), dinner at that vegan Asian place in Williamsburg whose name I can never remember, and there we are.
My tip for you: If you loved a band 10 years ago, be prepared for the fact that seeing them reunited today is going to be weird. Also: you’re old.
And that was Tuesday.

2 Responses to “No more store, days 27 and 28”

  1. Jordan

    Wonderful Swimming! Wonderful Dog! Also is there anyplace where someone can email questions about chocolates? I have some questions about chocolates for a dinner party. Sorry to hijack the blog with buisness.


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