No More Store: day 30

Easiest-challenge-of-all-time continues:


What the fuck is this? I think it was actually lovely, despite the disgusting photo. It was shaved fennel, beets, and turnips with a basil vinaigrette, leftover from last week some time. Quite delicious. Also I had blueberries for breakfast.

I made lunch for a little Boy Lunch Club (and Maresa!): Mark (Maresa’s bf [can I just brag here that I introduced them?]; my sweetheart’s boss and our dear old pal Juan; and our politician pal Hector Rodriguez, who is a county legislator and who you should vote for soon if you’re, like a Democrat and live in New Paltz and stuff. Hector’s one of the good ones, which means a lot coming from me because I FUCKING LOATHE DEMOCRATS SO MUCH.

I made us black bean soup (I wanted to make white bean and escarole soup, and had bought escarole at the farmer’s market specifically for it, but I have FINALLY run out of a giant bag of white beans, so I am now tackling 10 lbs or so of black beans.) and squash blossoms fried with Shirley (my sourdough starter’s name, god these posts must be so weird to someone who hasn’t been reading the blog forever. Like, should I explain every time about Shirls, or about how I have 50 lbs of beans hanging around I’m trying to use up because I used to run this food business until I had this nervous breakdown and…no, I’m not even going to bother. LIVE IN THE NOW, LAGUSTA! The fabulous, fabulous now.) and Dr. Cow cheese in the middle—I treat my friends right!


I made (and ate) some peppermint frogs because the library was having some sort of Harry Potter party and commissioned a treat and people told me frogs + peppermint is a HP thing. So pretty, no? I’ve got this all-natural food coloring I’ve been tinting cocoa butter with. It’s fun.

Then I took Little Jackie Paper for a walk and had a cupcake. Please note that the Country’s Oldest Continually Inhabited Residential Street is 50 steps from my little shop—you can see a bit of the gorgeous stone houses here. (I think there was once some trouble about Huguenot St calling itself the oldest street in America, so now that ridiculously long designation is on all the signs, and I love the awkwardness of it all.)
And what else? Maresa made mazel tof and I had a lot, ’cause that shit is FUCKING RIDICULOUSLY GOOD.
For dinner I had black bean soup and CSA raspberries.
Oh, and somehow I managed to bake a paintbrush in the oven. Don’t do this. It will stink up the entire shop most unpleasantly, and then you’ll have to throw out all your tinted cocoa butter. Bleg.

2 Responses to “No More Store: day 30”

  1. cattheanarchist

    The name of your blog, the blog itself, and especially the frogs are so adorable, cheerful and inspiring. I will be following from now on!


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