No More Store: Day 31

Next-to-the-last day of the challenge! I decided the day Jacob came home from tour would make a good day to end the photo-taking part of this challenge, so here we are at the day before. I was missing my sweet beet intensely, sort of dying for tomorrow when I could pick him up at JFK and deposit him at his rightful place in the secret lounge area of the shop:

The secret lounge looks a lot different, and cuter now. Jacob however, is just as insanely adorable today as he was last month when this was taken.

But first I had to live an entire other day.

Good morning!

Adrienne’s photo from dinner last Monday made me realize that my hair needed a trim, so I did the worst thing imaginable and just hacked off the ends while it was in a ponytail. Whatever, no one ever sees my hair down anyway. DI-motherfucking-Y, my friends.

Morning walk, with Little Jackie Paper and blueberries. And shoes that don’t match my t-shirt, yep. But my kitchen clogs do, so there.
I made (and ate) the best batch of croissants and darling chocolatines (!) yet.
Utterly amazing with grapefruit marmalade with smoked sea salt.
The Divine Ms. M and I had a funny and delicious lunch of pasta with the foraged pesto from a few days ago, plus CSA veggies and tempeh I’d made that Maresa bought, used half of, accidentally left half at work and donated to our lunch. I said, “Thanks for the tempeh!” and she said, “Thanks for the tempeh!”
And I had some sour cherries dipped in chocolate and sugar:
Then I went out to dinner and had the Sept. 11 conversation mentioned a few days ago. All in all, it was a lovely meal with lovely company.
Then I walked back to work and finished up a few things, because tomorrow was AIRPORT DAY!!!! and I wanted not to have to worry about work.
I finished off the night with one of these guys:
And I was happy, happy, happy, happy.

7 Responses to “No More Store: Day 31”

    • lagusta

      ahh! so lovely! did you mention this before, and it got lost in the morass? the morass is where everything i’m missing in my life is, I’m convinced. Well, it’s bookmarked now! And guess what? We have Trader Joes (HUGE DEAL, because Maresa had to get some when she went to the Jersey Shore, as TJs is no where around here. A whole crew of people put in TJs orders with her.) *unflavored* soy creamer. It’s got a shit-ton of sugar, though. What the crap is up with CREAMER? I do not understand this culture. And everyone tells me coconut milk is disgusting in coffee, which I just don’t get, as the fatty part of a coconut milk can seems about as fatty as cream.

  1. zoe p.

    I shared it with someone on Mother’s Day . . . maybe it wasn’t you. But I did think you’d love it ; )

    A friend of mine once decided that way you cut your hair was the only way to cut your hair because doing so would result in nice layers when you took the ponytail out.

    • lagusta

      you know what? YES! It actually looks sort of awesome! Ponytail cut is the bomb! I was amazed when I shook it all out.


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