No more store: day 32

The last day! I started this little challenge June 17, and it happened to find a natural end July 17. Perfect!

I really enjoyed getting all navel-gazey and blogging about every day, even though it was a crazy time suck. I’ll keep checking in to tell you how long I can go without having to go to the grocery store, because, seriously, I think that if I can beg someone for cashews and the odd avocado now and then I can keep this going forever.

Onward to Saturday:

Delicious, perfect breakfast.

Then, while driving to JFK to pick up my sweetheart from the longest tour of all time, I nibbled on blueberries.

On the way home we got stuck in hours of ridiculous traffic. So we chatted and chatted and chatted and ate blueberries like crazy, then we stopped for Peanut Chews, potato chips, and iced tea (Jacob was still in tour crap-food mode, and I was just hungry. Does this count as going to the store?). We polished off four pints of blueberries and almost three packs of Peanut Chews (why do all vegans love PCs? They’re weird. I love them.) during what became an exhausting day of driving and traffic that should have taken 4 hours roundtrip, but ended up taking 7.

We really got to catch up.

Finally back in New Paltz, we stopped off at the shop to pick up the birthday cake I’d commissioned from Maresa for Jacob’s late late late birthday (two weeks ago, but he was in Sweden). We each had a basil white chocolate cupcake (!!!), then came home for my first night home in weeks, and his in over a month. Wonderful.


Time to break out the good shit. First: sparkling, rose-infused sake I’d been saving for something special.

Then mushroom stroganoff with spinach noodles and garlicky braised escarole I’d made the night before—using nothing but CSA veggies, Aaron’s log-grown shiitakes, and pantry staples!

We finished off the night with birthday cake, and the last of the sake.



OK, blog friends, the rest of the month is pretty nuts for me, so we might not chat for a while. I’ll miss you! (That sounds snarky, but I mean it!)

Hey, if you’re around next Saturday, come to our grand opening! 8 PM, 25 North Front Street!


7 Responses to “No more store: day 32”

  1. lagusta


    I wasn’t boycotting the store though–nothing against the lovely health food stores in my town, I’m just poor! And I’d hope no one would come to my shop and spend beyond their means… :)

  2. Randal Putnam

    So sad that we won’t make it to your opening party! Two of our friends are going to be wed at 12:01 am on Sunday morning! Woo hoo! Although it will be impossible to stop you from working to hard, promise us all you’ll continue to eat well and sleep lots. Heya to Jacob (and welcome home)!

  3. Jordan

    Wonderful meal.. That made me so hungry so late at night here. Was this the stroganoff from the bloodroot book? If it isnt and you ever have time the recipe would be spectacular!

  4. adriennefriend

    I miss your blog. :( I know you’re busy trying to make the moneys AND you just blogged a ton for a whole month… but I’m looking forward to reading it again!!

    • lagusta

      Really I’m just going nutzo working on the new–due to launch August 1!!! It’s going to be so rad!

      And I’ve had family in town blah blah.

      Thanks though! More soon!!


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