First, the loving. You’re going to LOVE the recipe I just posted over in non-expletive-land. Take a deep breath.

Are you sitting down?





That look like eggs and taste like eggs. Yes yes yes yes. My mouth is watering for one right now. Check it out! 

Now, the loathing.

I was recently unfortunately reminded of that horrid Meat is for Pussies book. God, GAH. Oh god. The hatred I have for that idiotic Skinny Bitch empire is well documented (laziness prevents me from linking to the myriad posts I’ve anger-therapied my hatred of it here, but a simple search will strike gold.), and I’ve also done a bit of hating on John Joseph’s book previously, but I suddenly, feverishly, Christmassly, feel the need to do some more.


Why is it so hard to have allies? What is WRONG with veganism today?

Meat is for PUSSIES? I get it, dude. I get it. You want to reel in some idiotic frat-boy demographic who won’t listen to, like, The China Study, but wants a Skinny Bitch for a girlfriend. You want to recategorize meat as the bloody food of “real men” and show that, in fact, it contributes to limp dicks and early death. Yeah yeah yeah. FINE. Do it. Personally I wish the people who you’re supposedly targeting would die of heart attacks as swiftly as possible, thus clearing space for more sane humans, but I get that you think you’re doing good work in the vegan trenches.

But why do you have to do your good work at the expense of women?

I’ll tell you why, because you, it’s obvious, are TOO FUCKING STUPID TO REALIZE IT. Because you’re cashing in off the very system you purport to want to abolish: the system of exploitation. Exploitation is fine as long as it’s women who are being exploited, in your asshole mentality.

Now, John Joseph (let’s all friend him so we can hate-bomb his Facebook wall, OK? 7 of my FB friends are already friends with him!). Mr. Pussy, do you mind if I call you that? You shouldn’t, because pussies are one of the most amazing things we have on this planet. You came from one, and if you’re at all sane you fucking love eating them. So, Mr. Pussy. We have a bunch of mutual pals. All of them say you’re a “sweet guy.” Also an “old-school punk.” What the FUCK? Everyone knows all real punks are feminists, so I hereby rescind any punk qualifications you may have had.

Ugh. It’s just sad, kicking one group to the curb in order to promote veganism. It’s sad and pathetic. Here’s what fuckface had to say when I told him he should apologize for the title of his book and GO AWAY (what I said was: “So incredibly disgusting. Using slurs against women to further a vegan agenda makes me ashamed to be a vegan. As a vegan feminist, please GO AWAY and never come back. I’ve heard from mutual friends that you’re a sweet guy, so why you haven’t apologized for the name of your book and slunk off into the distance I’ll never know. DISGUSTING.
A Proud Pussy, Cunt, Whore, VEGAN FEMINIST who will not throw women under the bus in favor of veganism.”:

Apologize? You’re joking right? The book made thousands of men get off meat, dairy etc. it was written for men, not uptight vegan feminists, who i don’t really give two shitz about what they got to say anyway. And just so you know a lot of vegan women who actually do something for the cause i.e Rory (skinny bitch) Alicia Silverstone and many others loved and supported the book. And as far as going away I’ve been living this way for 32 years now, probably before you were born so check that attitude lady. Here’s a stat for you though – over 70% of book sales were by women who bought it for their guys who loved it – Maybe you need to clean up your vocabulary pussy/(cunt/whore), not mine. Other than that peace and yoga today might be a good idea u seem stressed.

What can I say to ingrained misogyny that deep? I tried to explain a bit about how reclamation o’ power works (“What I’m doing, you fucking idiot, is called RECLAMATION. You use the term “pussy” disparagingly in your book title, and I’m showing you that terms that have historically been used against women have power when reclaimed. I’m taking power back from idiots like you.”) but when someone makes the argument that because SOME people from a certain group you’re insulting aren’t insulted by the insults then NO ONE has the right to be insulted, where can you go from there? I bet he has some black friends, too.


11 Responses to “loving and OH MY GOD THE LOATHING”

  1. Sarah

    The sad thing is, he doesn’t seem to comprehend what people are upset about, and I am not sure he ever will. He wrote, “Calling someone a pussy is slang for a wimp.” um, yeah. That is exactly the problem. He seems to believe that people are causing an uproar because he is LITERALLY referring to a female reproductive organ.

    Also, the comment about not knowing that feminist men even exist? WOW. What exactly does he think a feminist is, anyway?

    • Sarah

      ALSO. Why does it matter where the word “pussy” originated? Think of all the derogatory terms that were originally used in other ways; does their origin justify their use?

      • lagusta

        I wish I could figure out why when I answer comments on my phone my name is backwards.
        Anyway. Yeah. Grrr.
        The more I read his idiocy, the sadder I get that the vegan world hasn’t, apparently, had anything to say about this until now. Though Lee Hall from Friends of Animals did mention approaching him, and he was just as unable to hear Lee as me.

  2. Jordan

    I was rideing around with a powerful note worthy female Activist last month, Her activism and books helped me become vegan 10 years ago. And I brought up the Peta Porn websight that is to be launched or just launched (I’m to pissed off to look for it). Anywase The conversation we were having was how sad it is when some animals are put in the “boxing ring” to get other animals out of the “boxing ring” And I said how this porn sight reminded me of this…. I thought she would be right on par… I was wrong and got the most akward scolding of my life… She thinks its liberating for women to be used in petas porn…. I sat there unable to breath. WHAT is wrong with veganism today?? Its cool and all to have everyone living this way but incaseing it in hate?? That cant be fucking vegan.

  3. Zoe P.

    I thought being vegan meant you didn’t have to eat deviled eggs ; )

    And when did you start doing yoga? Yay!

    • lagusta

      Why do vegans want these weird things? I don’t know. It’s so weird, but I remember loving them.

      Why, thanks for asking, yes, I do yoga now!

      And by that I mean that I have had this video up on my computer for 8 days now: http://vimeo.com/8045412. I haven’t actually watched it or done the yoga, but I think that just by having the video nearby I am now a yoga person. Also, once I got Yoga Journal for a year. So I’m pretty much an expert, albeit one who can’t touch her toes. January first, I’ma yoga up my life man oh man, just you wait.


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