two things before I fall asleep at the beach

1) Pussygate 2011 has become so awful and heart-hurty that I’ve stopped reading the whole crap thing. But I did catch that some woman (of course) called me an ugly man-hater who is probs only vegan to be part of a subculture. Funsies! On the other hand, three of my friends have privately emailed me to tell me all about John Joseph’s personal pros and cons (Pros: truly cares. Cons: is an idiot.). Since I can’t stop referring to him as “fuckface,” I figured I should stop referring to him at all.

2) I was going to post this post here, but since it didn’t contain any swears and related only to the biz, I posted it in Lusciousland, but frankly I have more fans or subscribers or peeps or whatever they’re called here, so please go read it and tell me your thoughts.

Love and other indoor sports,

Lagusta Pauline

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