yoga and noodle the cat, yawning.

Hiya there, internet friends!

Howzit (as they say in the Sandwich Isles)? I am post Valentine’s Day and loving the calm. The 4 days around V-day were the wildest my business has ever had, and it was fun and insane and—who knew so many people celebrate Valentine’s??? Not me!

I miss the old blog, but I have a weird thing where being at the shop all day every day more than fills my tiny tiny quota of human interaction (even though I try to escape dealing with customers as much as possible—not because my customers are awful, in fact most of them are amazing, it’s just that I’d rather be making chocolates, or washing dishes, or talking about Downton Abbey with my fellow chocolatiers, or, actually, if I’m being totally honest here, eavesdropping on what customers are saying about the chocolates, rather than actually breaking the flow of my day to talk to them myself. Much to my amazement and happiness, my sweetheart, Jacob, has been working at the shop almost full time lately because the bands he works with are currently not out on tour and for some reason he adores interacting with customers (it should be said that he doesn’t make chocolates or enjoy washing dishes, so there’s that, too.), so I’m quite spoiled these days, really.), so…what was I saying?

Let’s look at a photo of Jacob working and see if I can remember:

So, so so: so when I have a moment to myself I tend to want to cocoon at home and forget that other people exist, thus the lack of blogginess lately. Let me say again: my customers tend to be amazing, it’s just that being around people (not to mention also being a boss, which I’m doing these days more than I ever have in my life. The anarchist boss—can you even?) just isn’t my thing at all. Which makes me extra happy to have pulled all the coolest people toward our little blue building in this small mountain town here at the end of the world—if you’re going to have to talk to other humans, might as well have them be the best humans.

But I continue to love the shop with a fierce wild love. Every day when I unlock the door my heart jumps a little. It’s constantly changing and growing and getting better and better. Amazing.

Oh hey, speaking of the blog, and speaking of people, guess what? The coolest thing ever happened. After I posted about wanting to do yoga, a blog reader, Bettina in Berlin, made me a personalized yoga video! How ridiculous is that? FInally, my misanthropic lefty grumpy rants pay off! I forgot to ask her permission to link you to the actual video, which is insanely amazing, but she said I could link to this LUDICROUSLY AWESOME and blush-inducing little hello video. It’s a sweet thank-you for years o’ blogging, and it almost killed with delight to such an extent that they fact she pronounces my name wrong didn’t bother me at all. (Gus in the middle, not a goo…but who cares, sweet Bettina can pronounce it however she likes!) Are you dying? I’m dying!!

So that happened.






There’s also this: after years of trying, I finally caught a snap of one of my cats mid-yawn.



7 Responses to “yoga and noodle the cat, yawning.”

  1. Lena

    So much awesomeness in this post–the pics, the video, and especially the misanthropy! Since I’ve been immersed in Downton these days as a way of avoiding everything, just curious what you think of recent Downton Abbey episodes of this season and its sorta soap opera-ization–has the show changed for you?

    • lagusta

      Good question!!! Do you think Season Two is more soapy than Season One? Hmm…maybe. Honestly, I’m so in love with the dang thing that I don’t even care, except that sometimes when I’m at work trying to force everyone to watch it so we can talk about it and I’m describing various plot points everyone is staring at me weird because they are so ridiculously outlandish.

  2. adriennefriend

    I adore Bettina!!! How sweet of her to make a personalised yoga video for you!!

    This post is completely full of happy, smiles, and love – and while I too find your rants tremendously amusing, I was really pleased to read this one. I’m glad your life is so good. :)


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