i’m just going to say that i’ve worked 55 hours in the past 4 days to start this off, ok?

Let me just alienate myself from my colleagues, ok? OK.

Here goes. With apologies to those who have already discussed this with me on Facebook and with apologies to you, since we basically just covered this:




There was that girl who wanted you to give her money so she could TRAVEL THE US EATING IN VEGAN RESTAURANTS and writing a blog about it. The donut place. The vegan bodega (“give me money to sell you junk food”). BUT THIS TAKES IT. Give this vegan bakery money to START SERVING EXPRESSO. I’M SO ANGRY I JUST SPELLED ESPRESSO WITH AN X.

wtf vegans!!!!! we’ve gone insane!!!!!!!!!! Are we here for animals, or are we here TO DRINK CARAMEL MACCHIATOS?

One of my Facebook friends said, “Both.” OK, yeah, maybe both. But why on earth would anyone “donate” to the “cause” of you making money? JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE VEGAN?

Get a better reason.

In other news I now make vegan Cadbury eggs. Everyone is very excited about this and this excitement somehow depresses me. What the crap is wrong with me? The Cadbury eggs are nice, but basically they’re just sugar bombs that replicate corporate trash food, only not trashy. They’re nowhere near as nice as a Yuzu Cream. But who cares, people like what they like. Be excited!

Oh wait, I’m also doing a very exciting donation project with our old pal Isa: check it out here, and look at this photo, and now I feel weird about mixing all these three things in one post. But these dudes: like 1,000 times better than the Eggs.

Shoulda lightened that photo a bit. Ah well. OFF TO DO YOGA!!!!! Still loving yoga!




5 Responses to “i’m just going to say that i’ve worked 55 hours in the past 4 days to start this off, ok?”

  1. Deb

    Well, I’m really excited about the egg, because I really do love sugar bombs. But I don’t expect to like it better than the Yuzu Creams, because I can’t imagine anything better than the Yuzu’s! But I just finished a box of Yuzu’s, so I can afford to look forward to the eggs…

  2. saracious chbl

    Amen, and thank you for the post because I left the FB.

  3. adriennefriend

    I love the sugarbombs because they’re sugarbombs. Sometimes I don’t want nuance. I want a bomb of sugar. Sits like a rock in my stomach, but oh, how satisfying going down!

  4. Sue

    Though we’ve loved everything you’ve sent, Yuzu Creams stand as our favorite Chocolate of the Month, thus far. Sugar bombs? Ummm…(and obviously without trying it yet) my guess is probably not so much. Then again, part of the fun of receiving Chocolate of the Month offerings is the surprise factor and being exposed to brand new flavors. We always look forward to our LL monthly shipment! Thanks, Lagusta!


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