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vegan shoes yo! Not pantyhose, but we're getting there...

Sweethearts and assorted frenemies,

I had this great idea in the shower this morning (birthplace of all great ideas, no?) to write three emails to three women I’ve got beefs with today. “Time to air my beefs!” I told myself, all hair-washy and excited. I hate it when people hate me and I can’t figure out why (on the other hand, I love it when they hate me and I know why and don’t care!), so even though I don’t hate these three women (one I never think about, except we have an unresolved issue [she almost definitely won’t read this], one I’m irked by but should just let it go, even though our thing is unresolved too [she will probably read this, alas.], and one is…well, one is my mom. Who I hope isn’t reading this.), I figured it would be good to just get it over and done with.

But when I got out of the shower, the idea of actually sitting at the computer and bringing up all the unpleasantness faded as a great plan for the day. Instead, I took photos around the house and did some work paperwork and made a meal with foraged greens from the backyard and just generally fucked around. The kind of day I never get. It was nice.

But! My point in writing this is that if I was those three women, I’d want to know (maybe they do want to know?) why I’m irritated with them. So: if I irritate you, tell me. I want to get better, and knowing where I irritate the shit out of people will help with that.

BACK TO PANTYHOSE. Which I meant to start with before I started with all that other crap.

I put an album of my pantyhose pack collection on Facebook and made it so anyone could see it. It’s my life’s work. (In addition to that other life’s work.) Check it out!

Also I am tweeting like a freaking maniac these days. Very weird. Let’s be Tweet pals!  

Also vegan!

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