City of Lights

Hello from bed on a Sunday morning when I was at work way too late and don’t want to get up to go back to it.

I thought I’d procrastinate a bit more by writing a quick blog to ask a question of all you smart cookies: I’m taking a quick trip to Paris soon (as a celebration of the event described below!) and was wondering if any of you live there/have tips for Paris vegan things, vintage clothes things, flea market things, and other general amazing things? We’ve both been before, so our plan is to skip the touristy spots and spend every day walking for miles, discovering things as we go, nibbling on baguettes and dark chocolate, and ending each day with a spectacular meal.

Here’s my list so far, let me know if any of these things are extra awesome (or actually awful), won’t ya?

Also…and this takes guts for me to say: if you’re a blog reader and live in Paris, do you, um, want to meet up? I’ve met a few blog friends lately (one of whom came into the shop yesterday and was pretty much the raddest person ever, and not only because she’s been reading the site since like 2003, back before it was a blog—my god I can’t imagine the ludicrous, long-deleted rants she’s been witness to.) and it’s been really nice, so I’m sticking my neck out—why not? Let’s get a drink and you can laugh at my atrocious atrocious Francais (accent finder on an iPhone? if it exists, I sure as hell can’t find it…).


Paris fun things, from friends, Facebook, magazines, and the internet (most helpfully, Joshua Katcher’s blog here and here and here):

  1. “Book a Velib online before you leave so you can tool around town that way.”
  2. “Visit the Marche d’Aligre, my favorite Tuesday-through-Sunday Market, not far from the Bastille. It’s half uber-busy veg market, half flea market.”
  3. “The Marais is more thrift-store friendly than ever before (seems like every day there’s a new vintage shop opening), but I prefer the ones near Sacre Coeur, like Guerrisol (a chain). Worth the schlep up there. Also, rue des Martyrs is a great shopping street.”
  4. “Between Sacre Coeur and Gare du Nord, in the little India section, there’s a wonderful vegan-friendly restaurant called Chettinadu (it’s down the street and opposite all-veg Krishna Bhavan). Vegan thali with wine for two is less than 20 euro!”
  5. “If you’re into Sunday brunch, try Soya, in the 11e. It’s a lovely little place I’ve just discovered, and their menu is mainly vegan.”
  6. “If you wanted to take a yoga class while you’re here, Ashtanga Yoga Paris (near Soya in the 11e) offers 5 euro community classes. They’re fantastic!”
  7. “A new vegan cake shop opened in the 5e called Vegan Folie’s. It’s on an adorable street (rue Mouffetard) that’s fun to explore on foot. I’d highly recommend it, even if the sweets aren’t the best in the universe!”
  8. “Voy Alimento: this funky vegan restaurant is a must-try. It’s near the Canal St. Martin, so you can have a nice stroll before or after your meal!”
  9. “The first sunday of the month is Free Museum Day! I love that day.”
  10. “You might want to consider going to the musee d’orsay anyway as they just reopened after renovations and its beautiful. There is so much to do though, so let me know what kinds of things you like. There are farmers markets every day all over the city so that’s not a problem, just tell me where you’re staying and I can recommend some close to you! You just have to go before 12 most of the time, 2pm on the weekends.”
  11. “This one is by the “rue mouffetard” which is fun to walk along – there are lots of bars, etc anyway its :
  12. “here’s another one, more for dessert / snacks in the same neighborhood : – they also have bionade which is a german drink that I really like … if you’re thirsty!”
  16. “This one is indian but vegetarian and has vegan options :
  17. Marché Biologique des Batignolles
  18. Marché Popincourt, R. du Marché-Popincourt, 11th, Paris: flea market! (Sat-Mon)
  19. Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, 7 R. Jules-Valles, (Marché des Antiquaires) bet. Porte de St.-Ouen and Porte de Clignancourt, just outside the 18th, Paris: flea market! (Mon-Sun)
  20. Marché aux Puces e Montreuil, Ave de la Porte de Montreuil, 20th, Paris: flea market! (Sat-Mon
  21. Marché aux Puces de la Porte de Vanves, Ave Georges-Lafenestre at Ave Marc-Sangnier, 14th, Paris: flea market! (Sat and Sun)
  22. Marché de Enfants Rouges
  23. Marché des d’Aligre

Lots of marché-ing, of various sorts, to do! And lots of eating. What else do you need in life?

4 Responses to “City of Lights”

  1. Vee

    Free’P’Star and its sister store, Fripes Star, in the Marais are pretty well known vintage hot spots. You can scoop some amazing finds, but there are also stuffed ferrets and pelts used as decor. Just so you know. I guess you can pick a fight with the owners in that atrocious francais?


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