you say you wanna

What my legs look like to me. With a bit of my thumb, too. And Parisian tights!

For a project involving The New Revolutionists tonight (check it out yo, if only for my fancy fancy fancy photo [definitely airbrushed, ’cause I know I had a pimple that day that is totes disappeared {yet, ye olde ‘stache is still hangin’ out!!}]–but not only for that, for everything else, ’cause it’s cool), I did a search on this here blog for all my posts with the word “revolution.” It’s a pretty rad way to read the blog, to be honest! Do it! 

Or, just read this one. Damn, I can be a fairly decent writer when I’m all angsty and shit!

Love and other indoor sports,

Lagusta Pauline, who has to get back to making Mother’s Day chocos right now. 


I started out hating Megan and now I like her. I think that was supposed to happen, right? Man, I’ll feel whatever Matthew Weiner wants me to feel, let’s just admit it.


3 Responses to “you say you wanna”

  1. Zoe P.

    I thought Megan was a spy, as that was, I felt, the only way to redeem her character at the end of last season, but I too am coming around to who she actually is. Except, maybe she is still actually a spy?

    And I loved how exhausted Joan was in the most recent episode…


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