Time changes & we with them. Updates!

“Time changes & we with them. One cannot put back the clock. Call your friends.”

So says a weird little phone book thingie I got in Japan once. [Do you know why it’s “alphabetized” so weirdly? Please tell me! (The black is my writing, so I could use it.) Is it not a phone book? I’ve been using it as one for 6 years.]

Time changes, and so does life.

Here are some updates on crap we’ve discussed before:

1) After my annoyance at consistently getting ripped off finally got the best of me, I broke down and switched [um, made Jacob switch] my business credit card processing to Square. Life with Square is FREAKING AMAZING. Going from 4-6% of each transaction (when all the million fees are taken into account) to 2.5% of each transaction being given to the Gods of Credit Card Processing has been pretty much life-transformative. If you have a small biz and swipe credit cards, you should switch to Square right now.

That sounds like an ad.

It’s not, but would I be in an ad for Square? No, but I almost would. So there. (Square’s no dentist, let’s not get carried away here.)

2) See an updated post on flower candying here. I do it a much better way now.

3) Not an update, but a friend gave me a dress I’m obsessed with. I wore it to a Planning Board meeting and only sounded like a partial idiot, which is some sort of amazing victory for me. (Peeps? I’m kinda awful at the Planning Board. Sigh. It’s a process.)

5) If you’re as Mad Men obsessed as I am, here are my favorite two blogs about it:

Molly Lambert at Grantland

Tom & Lorenzo, both their commentary posts and their ridiculously perceptive Mad Men style posts. Amazing stuff!!

If you have tips on other good commentary, tell me about it! (Not HuffPo though, my god I read so much shit there over there today.)


4 Responses to “Time changes & we with them. Updates!”

  1. saracious chbl

    The Japanese phonetic alphabet is in syllables, normally presented in the order found there. They just put their normal alphabet in Roman script to be cool, confusing all us English speakers.

    • atsugal

      You know, as soon as I posted that and saw the word “weirdly” I realized it was probably just a little something called, ah, “Japanese” and felt massively stupid. Oy. Thanks! I guess the fact that it was mostly in English confused me. Typical idiot American…


      • saracious chbl

        Not stupid! It was with our alphabet–that’s kinda weird/funny.

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