moving into another intensity.

It’s been a day. I hate it when the world beats up my heart like this, I hate going to bed all ragged. But the miracle of the morning will come around again, it always does (shower!). I’ll put on a short skirt (power!) and feel the July on my shoulders (sun!). I’ll push rocks up hills all day, because that’s what a good life is.

Tonight I’ll drive home looking at the moon. I’ll lie in bed, looking at the moon. And I’ll go to sleep and I’ll wake up and it will be poetry for the next seven days. Just. You. Watch.

3 Responses to “moving into another intensity.”

  1. David Siegel

    These are incredibly great photos on this blog! I think I’m going to stop reading your opinions and just look at the pictures. I know you take them because I know your feet. Not in a biblical way, I mean, I just know. Ok. Gotta’ go now.


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