2) Haunani-Kay Trask

Seven days of poetry, my ass!

I got off track. Let’s get back to it.

I first heard of Haunani-Kay Trask because Pohanna, my sweet sister-out-law, loaned me a book of hers when we were all in Hawaii together one winter. It was From a Native Daughter: Colonialism and Sovereignty in Hawai’i, and trust me, if you’re a haole (whitie) who visits Hawaii every year as a tourist, there is absolutely no better beach reading. Particularly if you like to mutter loudly about how all the tourists on the beach (including everyone you’re with, including most particularly yourself) should die and then cry yourself to sleep every night.

Which I really really do.

Anyway, I like Trask because she’s a mean motherfucker. Her poetry is the meanest you’ll ever find.

Here’s one of hers that’s not too mean, just super awesome and poignant and sad and appropriate for today. I couldn’t find it online, so I just scanned it in. You’ll probably have to click on the image to enlarge it to read it all.


4 Responses to “2) Haunani-Kay Trask”

  1. Dawn (Vegan Fazool)

    Great post. Do you know Juliana Spahr? She was a white lady poet living in Hawaii, too. She wanted out of there! :-)

    As far as poetry this week, I am reading Tracy K. Smith’s The Body’s Question now, it’s wonderful. Lots of parts, heat and drinking. Recommend.


      • Dawn (Vegan Fazool)

        I would lend you the Smith and the Spahr (we have hundreds, probably, of poetry books in our house) if we were closer to NY :-((( The good stuff is (unfortunately!) seldom in the library, gotta find it and buy if you can! I got the Smith book for $2 at a “Bargain Basement” book place near me here in NJ, TONS of awesome poetry for cheap. If I am able to come back to the shop one day I’ll bring you some!

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