“Noodles and” refers to my cat Noodle, obviously!

Three things:

  • If I get time this week I’m going to post on my business blog all about how very much I hate loathe fucking can’t stand making the chocolate I’m making this month. Complete with photos and a recipe so YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN BUTTERFINGERS, WORLD! WELCOME TO MY HELL! So…look for that?
  • This sweetie pie came into the shop and I was working away (PROBABLY ON THE HELL RECIPE THAT IS GODDAMN BUTTERFINGERS) and Jacob helped her and right before she left she said, all sweet, “I just want to tell Lagusta how much I like her blog.” and IT WAS ALMOST AS CUTE AS MAKING BUTTERFINGERS IS HORRIBLE. So, check out her cute blog, hey?
  • Did I ever tell you about this one time I got all excited because we got the cutest handwritten order in a fancy calligraphy envelope and I posted it onto Twitter without blocking out the checking account number? I deleted it within two seconds, but my god.
  • Did I ever tell you about this one time I wrote a slightly mean FB status update (You Are Too Young To Have So Many Bad Tattoos, and I Am Too Old To Have None At All) about this young person I met who I was not FB friends with, then she friended me and I accepted and I forgot all about that status update, and then she unfriended me within two days?
  • Making mistakes all around the place, that’s me.
  • The thing is, the butterfingers taste really good.
  • Hey, are you as obsessed with Pussy Riot as I am? Did I already ask you that, or was that on another social media thing? Or in real life?
  • Have you picked up Sandor Katz’s new book, The Art of Fermentation? It’s amazing!
  • One more thing: if you ever get the chance to be a twin to a 6-year-old, you must take that chance.

Did I say three things?

9 Responses to “Three”

  1. alongthewaytj

    Three things:
    – Hurrah for making mistakes!! The world is too obsessed with “perfection”. It gives me angst.
    – Everyone should be obsessed with Pussy Riot
    – You and your six year old twin are ADORABLE
    – Accurate counting is overrated

  2. d.bear

    the photo of you with your 6 year old twin & the other miniature cute person should be world famous.

  3. calvinhisboldness

    if you had a few weeks to prepare a 10 minute presentation for a Medical Botany class on vegan nutrition, would you check out S Katz’s The Art of Fermentation, or Wild Fermentation, or something else entirely?

    • lagusta

      I’d check out The China Study, for sure! And Diet for a New America. Let me know how it goes!

      • calvinhisboldness

        I certainly will- knowing how I do research, I’ll refine the topic a couple times before April 22nd. I’ll look into those books right away, thanks

      • calvinhisboldness

        So I have the books, and I’ve narrowed down the chapters to the ones that I think I’ll handle for the presentation. Just to stay current: I’ve cut it down to vitamin nutrition because I like detail, and research goes well. It’s a pretty consistent conservative sciency, “it works if you do it right,” type of conclusion about vegan diets [to quote: “Typically, vegans can avoid nutritional problems if appropriate food choices are made” (Craig, 2009. Health effects of vegan diets. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)- or another, more solid statement: “We therefore conclude that in this group of vegans, except for inappropriate intakes of vitamin D and sodium, both health-motivated and non-health motivated vegans typically practice lifestyle behaviors that are conductive to positive health outcomes and general wellbeing” (Dyett et al., 2013. Vegan lifestyle behaviors: An exploration of congruence with health-related beliefs and assessed health indices. Appetite)]. Vitamin B-12 seems to come from fortified foods for most surveyed vegans or prescribed diets. Nutrition in general seems to come a lot from fortificants and enriched foods, even for omnivores, so that’s really nothing against vegan diets. Uhhh- megaloblastic anemia is a consequence of vitamin B-12 deficiency.

        Eventually I’ll cite my sources and actually process the books, because now I’m only working from the 10 or so journal articles I’ve read and taken notes on. I just read an article from 2005, and there are, like, 5 more papers in the reference list that I want, but it doesn’t make sense to get because I only have until the 22nd to read and process the sources plus write, edit, and practice and practice a presentation. College, right? I don’t know what it makes me, but this kind of thing is what I’m going to miss- unencumbered research and being told to teach people things that interest me. Also, thanks again for telling me about these books, I’m really excited to read The China Study after reading the introduction.

        So, it’s going. I just wanted to share so that I can see some progress for now.

      • calvinhisboldness

        I read chapters from The China Study that looked useful, and a paper published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition by Campbell, and I am impressed. I had been introduced to the health benefits of a vegan diet, and this is a great follow up with a really impressive study and summaries of some experiments. I am going to finish reading this book over the summer.

        Diet for a New America was less meaningful to me. I care a little about animals, but livestock cruelty is not going to turn me vegan- nor could I use it in my presentation. I’m getting the book out again because I didn’t read all of it, and I am curious about this beyond just the class.

        Also, also, I started reading The Art of Fermentation. I like Katz’s style too. I’m learning good stuff and I think it’s fun.

        Thank you again for the recommendations. I’ll have to buy the Bloodroot cookbook so that I make eating plants even more appealing. I aim to have somehow put my presentation on the internet by the end of May.

        Oh, yeah, so the presentation went splendidly. It was a lot of fun finding out stuff and putting stuff together. I zoomed through the 10 min presentation in, like, 6 minutes because I was the LAST presenter to a class gone over time by hours- it was ~11 pm for a class that is scheduled to end at 9 pm. I was surprised by how well I knew my stuff and how fluently it came out. I covered vitamin D, and even got a dig in about B12 because someone asked the right question. It was awesome.

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