Here are two things that are annoying.

Mademoiselle Messy Head is angry.

1) People who say that if your vegan business doesn’t flaunt your veganism you’re “hiding” it. No, idiotvegan, it’s not that I’m “hiding it.” It’s simply that I am smarter than you, and have a better, and more successful, business plan.



Driving home from work tonight, all the TVs along my street were tuned to the debate (why do so many people in this town lack/not know how to close curtains? I wonder this every night.). On Facebook everyone was talking about the debate. Suddenly something hit me:



It knocked me sideways.

OK, wait.


There are real differences between these two corporatist dudely candidates, and I’m the first to admit this. Let us run them down, quick-like.

  • One won’t take away your right to own your own body quite as muchly
  • One prob (BUT DEF NOT DEF) won’t bomb and murder quite as many people in other countries quite so quickly or as muchly
  • One is like a teeeensely bit less pwned by our corporatist overlords.
  • One won’t take away your kid’s recess quite so quickly (he’ll wait until things get just a bit worse).
  • There’s some tax stuff too, and stuff with the deficit (I am a girl, and know not of these matters).
  • One says prettier things, whilst painfully fucking us over a teeensey bit more gently, with perhaps a bit more, ah, lubrication, that of tasty words and beautiful wifely arms.

Also, one doesn’t instantly and deeply want to make you want to blow your brains out in horror for what a human being can be.

That is, indeed, something.

Also, if you, as I do, believe white assfuck douche fratboys have fucked this fair country over for years and years and we should take power from them as deeply as possible as quickly as possible in order to let those of other pigmentations and genital types fuck us over for a bit, one of these candidates is of other pigmentations, which matters, still, to me.


I mean!


And I don’t live in a swing state, so I don’t have to swallow any lesser of two evils pills, THANK JESUS.

But here’s my point: does anyone care about revolution any more? Does anyone still believe that, I can’t even BELIEVE I’m about to say such a simplistic and stupid phrase, but here we go: ummmmmmm…. does anyone still believe (and teach their kids) that it’s the system that’s broken?

Like, remember that whole thing?

Actually though, I don’t believe it’s the system that’s broken.

I mean, I do, but only because the people running the system are just awful. The system *could* work, we just won’t let it! I’ll get to that in a minute.

Ugh. Maybe people on the left still believe that there are fundamental issues behind the, you know, operation of the machine and all that, that, if remedied, could change a whole lot more than a change in administration from blue to red and back again forever and ever amen could change things but my guess is they’re so damn beaten down by everyday life and how deeply the current system is fucking them that it’s hard to care any more. So they vote for the lesser of two awful people who CAN NOT have our interests at heart, BECAUSE OF HOW IT WORKS, and they go on about their day trying to scrape by and trying to sleep at night.

I can’t blame that, can I?



UGH. Never in our history have the working classes and middle classes been so stupid, so complacent, so happily lied to. Never in our history have we had more information so close at hand.


And by “us” I mean, and let me be very precise about this: I blame my friends who are voting for Obama.

I will take nothing less than this: immediate cessation of participation in this idiotic system. Immediate and peaceful changing of the guard, by voting in (yes! I believe things can be accomplished this way!) actual people who actually will do things to BENEFIT US. It could happen! THIS WHOLE ENTIRE P.O.S. COUNTRY COULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT! I’m not in favor of coming to your house with guns and forcing you out of your home and into some hippie yurt where we’ll all make yogurt or something (you think hippies don’t have guns?). I’m just in favor of VOTING FOR ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS. And thus changing the entire course of this whole country, radically and instantly, through legislation and the already agreed-upon channels of democracy that aren’t too bad, they’re just so badly misused. In short:


But we won’t, because we are idiots.

Here’s my take on it:

You vote for Romney, you’re so stupid I won’t deign to even discuss it.

You vote for Obama and think you’re actually doing something decent for this country,


Messy hair let down at 2 am is not something you want to fuck with. NEITHER IS MY COUNTRY.

9 Responses to “Here are two things that are annoying.”

  1. adriennefriend

    hear hear. I avoid social media and most of the internet on debate nights like you do most of September. :( I just can’t stand to hear about it anymore. :(

  2. saracious chbl

    “You think hippies don’t have guns?”

    That’s my favorite part of this nice little rant.

  3. alongthewaytj

    Heeey Lagusta, I’m totally with you on this one! So frustrating; if we could just get our act together and vote for someone who wasn’t from the D or R party, what might be possible for this country? Did you know Jill Stein from the Green party was arrested last night for trying to enter the debate?
    If you ever want some audio-company, my fav political podcast is Dan Carlin’s “Common Sense” – he’s been ranting about similar things for years now:
    Here’s to keeping hope alive for the future….!

  4. Raina

    So do what you gotta do to get a different choice on the ballot, or to invent or be a part of a new structure of living, governing, whatever… but the fact is there is an election in 2 weeks or so and it’s going to Romney or Obama for president. Compared to a radically different system of living- perhaps the differences between the two are minor. But in the system we live in today and will most likely be living in two weeks from now- there is a bigger difference than you seem to recognize. As you said you have the luxury of ranting about your friends or anyone else voting for Obama and you have the luxury of not participating in the election or voting for someone other than Obama or Romney because in NY your one vote doesn’t make a difference, but say you did live in a swing state. Then what would you do? Then would you choose one over the other and might you more closely assess whether there is a difference worth voting for? it’s fair and awesome to want an all together different system- I agree, our system is fucked up. However there is an election coming up– it’s a very close race and there will be a difference whether one or the other is elected. There is a difference to women who appreciate the right to choose; there’s a difference in who will be nominated for 2 seats in the supreme court; there’s a difference to illegal immigrants who would like a shot of being American- which although it is a messed up place- it’s apparently better in enough ways to make these people want to leave their homes to be here; there’s a difference to people who need health insurance, there’s a difference for people who believe that the wealthiest Americans should pay more in taxes, not less. It doesn’t really matter who you choose to vote for or whether or not you vote at all but don’t mislead yourself or try to mislead others about the very real differences our country and the world faces in this election. On the flip side- I’m all for the revolution! i just want a little more justice and freedom for people in the meantime. Don’t knock people for voting for Obama. You can educate yourself (read Deleuze and Guattari) about change, imagine change, create change, fight for change but also recognize the important differences within the system we presently face.

    • devioussoybeans

      Totally agree, Raina! Voting for Obama doesn’t mean I don’t want fundamental changes to our system. A revolution begins with an engaged electorate, and can include voting for Obama while working for more radical change in ones everyday life. As a triply-marginalized minority (queer woman of color and child of immigrants), I DO see major differences between Obama and Romney and simply do not have the luxury of waiting to see what happens should Romney get elected. And as a minority who has experienced discrimination anbe disrespect in the workplace, I can understand and empathize with the challenges President Obama has faced during his term with a non-cooperative Congress and political foes working to undermine him since day one. I see posts like this a lot from white leftists (leftists of color tend to be more forgiving I’ve found) and it always makes me want to ask folks to take a step back and check their privilege. If it’s no different to you personally whether Romney or Obama get elected, then please rethink your stance for people like me and the folks Raina refers to. We need the support.

    • lagusta

      I think fundamentally we agree. I’m not even saying people shouldn’t vote for Obama, particularly people in swing states. And I mentioned that there are mega differences between the candidates. I’m just saying: don’t do it and try to pretend to me that you’re a liberal because of it. You can be a liberal *in spite* of that, I suppose, but not a very good one. The Democratic Party has moved so far from liberalism that it’s just laughable to think a vote for Obama is anything but hopefully stemming the tide of awfulness for a little bit longer. Of course, what do I care about liberals. I’m certainly not one.

      • lagusta

        Oh, my comment was meant for Raina.

        To Devioussoybeans: yeah, ‘member that whole part in my post where I said there are differences between the two?

        Here’s what I don’t get: just because one candidate is so terrible, does that make another so great? I guess so.

        Of course it’s different to me whether or not Obama gets elected. Life under Romney would be AWFUL.
        But that doesn’t mean I’ll accept Obama as ideal. And *that’s* where the crap left makes me insane. DREAM BIGGER. And then FIGHT.

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