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superficial girly shit (a fun post you will like)

photo 3

Made it through the storm OK.

Hope you did too.

Now we’ve got this awful election to get through.

When my wonderful(ish) Representative, Maurice Hinchey, retired, my district was gerrymandered all to fuck (maybe that happened before he retired, I dunno), and now it looks like a terrible Tea Partier is going to be our rep, instead of the milqueiest of milquetoasty Democrats (who I’ll be voting for!!! Can you even believe it!), Julian Schreibman.

This is not good. I so loved my little liberal enclave.

So there’s that, and the horrific storm.

On the other hand, my hair looked really good today.

Here’s some stuff about stuff like that.

I’m going to try to keep this spoiler-free, BUT in this season’s Project Runway (and can we have a moment here just to talk about how awesome Sonjia was?? Damn I loved her. So cute and spunky and energetic. Now that the season is over I’m just following her blog, which is really fun too. And her Etsy shop. Could I rock something like this, I wonder? It would be good for work…hmm. Every PR season I have an intense girlcrush on someone. Last season I would have given anything to be Anya. Oh Anya! Style icon for LIFE. Who cares about the dumb sex scandal! The season before that it was that Portland girl. And this season I just wanted to spend every day for the rest of my life with Sonjia—her expressions, her little dances, her lack of trash-talk, her jean jackets.)…so, anyway, in this season of PR someone did a thing that involved something that the hair stylist people called a “French Twist Faux Hawk.” And that is what it was. And ever since my life has revolved around doing something similar. The internet has helped, as it does, with this handy tutorial.

I haven’t had a chance to actually work on doing it just yet, but let me tell you something, blog: I am already kind of fucking amazing at the French Twist, OK?

So I’m  pretty confident I shall soon be faux-hawking it with the best of them.

Don’t believe me?


Told ya!

I got a new coat too, yep. It was a trade with Leanne, yep. It’s AMAZING.

(The only reason I don’t look happy is because half of NYC is underwater and it was raining a cold rain on me as this photo was being taken.)

Oh wait, one more girly thing. MAKEUP.

I like it.

It comes in these pretty little tubes and jars and pots, and it’s fun to screw around with when your boyfriend gets up later than you do but you have to wait for him because you work together (late sleeper + early riser who itches to get to work ASAP = makeup fills a morning void and keeps me sane).

I believe I’ve written about how I want to do a little cat-eye situation here before, no? I’m fairly bad at it, and if the French Twist has taught me anything it’s that practice makes perfect. So Jane Iredale was having a Halloween sale on some cat eye makeup supplies, and I like Jane Iredale because their stuff is made of good ingredients and it lists what’s vegan and it isn’t tested on animals and the photos on their site are sometimes of people of color,* so I checked out their blog post on how to make a nice cat eye.


Click the link!

Seven products, six brushes (some of those brushes ain’t vegan!), and 14 steps? My god, I don’t want to be a girl that bad. And is that even a cat eye?? To my mind, this is a cat eye. But that blog, too, is filled with myriad steps I know I’d never have the patience for and words I don’t understand, like “waterline” and “the crease.” All I do to make a cat eye is swipe some liquid eye liner into a little comma on my eyes. Then I go outside and my naturally watery eyes make it smear by the time I get to work two minutes later, because no matter how cloudy it is outside, when I leave the house I get teary eyed by the light, which, I’m just realizing right now, maybe is strange. So then I go into the bathroom at work and reapply the commas until Maresa says I look decent enough for the day, then in an hour she politely informs me that I’ve rubbed my eye without realizing it (real sanitary) and the comma has slid down my face. Thank god for friends.

Until the world ends, I suppose we can take comfort in things like amazing coats and well-done hair and the excitement of practicing new makeup looks, no?

*It costs a trillion times more than drug store makeup, but my chocolates cost a million times more than Whitman’s Samplers, so I figure turnabout is fair play.

11 Responses to “superficial girly shit (a fun post you will like)”

    • lagusta

      Don’t mix up your violets and your aubergines! Crazily, I attempted to do this last night. My eyes actually looked amazing, if I do say so myself, but I skipped about half the steps. And I read this one about 20 times and still have NO CLUE what it could possibly mean:

      “Using your White Fan Brush, pinch the hairs together and swirl them into all of the quadrants of Moonglow.”

      What? WHAT??? What hairs? What quadrants?

  1. zoe p.

    I really liked Sonjia too! But I can’t begrudge Dimitri the win. All season I kept repeating, whenever appropriate (too often), “You can take the boy out of the ballroom…” I also liked a lot of the hairstyles towards the end of the season. But I did not like? That annoying goth cheerleader.

    Your coat is amazing.

    • lagusta

      YES. She made me crazy. I wasn’t taken with Dimitri’s work at all, but ah well.

  2. lisamesbur

    Hey Lagusta! Love the blog. Love the girly crap today. BUT: I was chagrined to read the post and see that you’ve used my good friend Jade Rude’s art without credit! Why? She’s an awesome Toronto visual artist, and all of her work (especially the giant gold You Look Great, which hung facing the street in a strange Portuguese hair salon’s window this past summer) is amazing. So – credit where credit is due, right? go have a look at (and she doesn’t know I’m doing this, honest).
    PS: That COAT. Oh my.

    • lagusta

      Oh no way! Dang. If you click through, it goes to the link where I got the art….I guess I just assumed that that would go to her link, but thanks for the reminder to get better about giving credit where it’s due! 99% of the photos on here are mine, and I try to always put the credits for any that aren’t, but man, that internet of ours sometimes makes it rough, and I’m such a crappy blogger that I don’t really know how to track down a photo that’s just floating around.

      Her work is so great! Thanks a ton for pointing everyone to it!

      • lagusta

        Just checked and yeah, the link just goes to the blog I got it from. Dumb. Thanks again for the correction!

      • lisamesbur

        No problem! In my opinion, there’s little in this world that gold mirrored or dipped everything won’t fix. Curse the internet for making these things so hard…

    • lagusta

      Wel, Jon is my pretend huzband and I love all he does, but I hate that stupid segment. I also hate PETA, as you know, but I agree with them on this one and think this segment took the easy way out for no reason. What about making fun of SeaWorld for what it does to whales and making them the butt of the joke? Making fun of PETA is so easy, but seeing past their admitted stupidity to their points is more challenging, and I’m mad at them for taking the easy road. Blech!


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