cinq choses

1. Just wanted to let you guys I know that I was not late to work. I know you were concerned.

Actually, wait, I was late to work. But only because we stopped to get sandwiches after voting.

2. Also, I am wearing the same outfit from yesterday, but with vegan shoes this time (which I traded for chocolates!). Phew.

3. Jacob wants me to tell you that his undershirt from yesterday was not thrifted, it was a freebie from a concert promoter. SO GLAD WE CLEARED THAT UP.

4. Election rage has calmed down a bit. Sandwich helped.

5. Here is a photo of Carrie Brownstein kissing a kitten.

Best to you and yours on this auspicious day.

3 Responses to “cinq choses”

  1. lagusta

    Actually I got them at a shop here in my town, Verde…and I ripped out the tag, so I don’t know the brand!! : (

    • Ann

      Ah. I asked b/c I saw something like that on that weird site I mentioned, and I thought they sounded cozy and warm, but the site is so odd, and it seems most of the stuff is from China, so I just gave up on it.


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