yet another day of not being naked out in the world

Let’s just keep this outfit thing going, eh?

Oh also,

[something about the election here. Insert a happy rant about how awesomely the Republicans were trounced and people like Elizabeth Warren were elected, or a far-left rage rant about the low Green Party turnout. Whatever you want, just insert it here.].

Duty done, back to fluff!

The other night I went to an absinthe party.

Dudes, have you ever noticed that absinthe is kinda awful? I’d only had it once before, and I tried three types at the party and didn’t have any poetic visions or anything, just a lot of anisey breath.

But otherwise the party was wonderful, though it did cause me to rethink a mantra I had coined when I got dressed that morning that I figured would be a useful life rule: You Can Never Be Too Dressed Up To Go To A Party Hosted By A Married Couple of the Male Persuasion. (Not Sure Why I Capitalized All That.). But all the other attendees were dressed way way down, one of whom in a T-shirt that just said “Men Who Love Men.” Some absinthe party outfit that was. I didn’t care though, because my friend, the host, kept telling me I looked scrumptious. Pleasing your host is really what a party is all about, right?

SCRUMPTIOUS MUCH? is what I’ve named this outfit.

My friend Veronica (remember Veronica? No? Well, here’s every mention of her on this damn blog. CATCH UP YO WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU.) snagged this dress for me—she works at an amazing vintage shop in Hudson, NY because for some reason she will not move to New Paltz and work with me (WTF Veronique?)—Christopher from Project Runway Season 10 stopped in to her shop last week! Anyway, Veronique texted me that she wanted me to buy this amazing dress and she was going to bring it to this Felice Brothers show we were both going to. She was right, and now I feel like I have a personal shopper. It was too loose, so I hemmed it sideways (or whatever it’s called when you make the sides smaller) and did nothing to the arms because I don’t know how to make arms smaller and that’s why in these photos you can’t really see the arms. They are baggy. It’s helllllaz tight on me in the waist though, because I am too impatient to really measure and stuff when I sew.

Sidenote about Veronica. Recently she sent me this text:

Are kiwi berries a thing with us? Are The Beatles a particular thing with us? I don’t know, but I love Veronica! Who doesn’t love kiwi berries AND The Beatles?

While looking through photos on my phone to find that one, I found two more I want to show you.



(This one too!)

If you don’t already have a friend who works at a vintage shop and knows your particular style, GET ONE.

Do not take Veronica though. She doesn’t even have enough time to devote to me—don’t make her start catering to you too, and eating berries and thinking about you.

Anyway, that dress had a really chokey neck to it. I cut it off and hemmed it (would it be called “upside-down hemming” if you’re hemming the neckline?) and now it looks weird and off kilter. I like that very much.

Here’s how the dress used to look. I agree that it looks worse now, but that neckline was BRUTAL. (Also pls note that I have rad brown [and thus belt matchy] shoes I could have worn with that outfit, but I wore the black ones because I had to work. DON’T HATE)

2) The other screenshot photo I wanted to show you is this good Stephanie McMillan comic, which you can also see here.

I really like that Stephanie McMillan.

For some reason, whenever I like something I see on the internet, I take a screenshot of it with my phone, so my photos are 1/3 cat photos, 1/3 outfit photos and 1/3 things like this:

Going back to the absinthe party.

Maresa made absinthe macarons for the event and I made absinthe bonbons.

We go hard, what can I say. Invite us to your party and you will not be sorry.

Both were super tasty…tastier than the absinthe itself?

Well, that’s not for me to say.

I loved the party, but I’ll stick with whiskey.

4 Responses to “yet another day of not being naked out in the world”

  1. Rachel Creager Ireland

    I had a friend years ago who was a pharmacognosist and he used to distill absinthe in his kitchen. We made the mistake of mixing it with orange juice for a pea green cocktail. There were no vegan bonbons. I’m sure your absinthe party was much better. I don’t recall much scrumptiousness, if any at all.

  2. cameraphonevegan

    I often cut the neck out of things. Sometimes with a vintage dress with a high neck like that, i’ll just cut a slit down the front so i’m able to sit without choking to death. I get it!

  3. laceyputnam

    Lagusta, I want to be you when I grow up. Until then, I will enjoy your hair, outfits and amazing chocolates. I love the dreidels! I was so surprised when my sister in law sent us your chocolates. They were magnificent! Next time they visit, I have to bring my brother and family to your shop. My niece is 13 and when I show her your pictures, she can hardly breath. You might need to start making posters!


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