Chocolate dreidels and high ponies

I think the reason I like this outfit thing is because I’m sort of resentful that the minute I get to work I put on an apron (and usually, a hoodie, the same one every day) that pretty much covers up my outfit entirely.

Or I’m just a crazy narcissist. Or a mix?

Here’s what I wore.

Wet hair.

I got this dress at a consignment shop in Gardiner, the town next to mine. It was made in Finland! Or Norway? I dunno. It’s two rooms away and I’m all tucked in here on the couch with the cats and my end of the day sake cocktail and my man watching Gimme Shelter for the 10th time (Jacob’s never seen it [!!] and is freaking out in a sound engineer-y way about Altamont’s ridiculous logistical setup and sound situation. [And also about how that guy with a gun gets stabbed to death. That too. Spoiler alert.] I’m tempted to stay up all night making him watch every Maysles ever made, but it’s ready 12:30 am and we’ve got to be up early because Cathy and Roy are making a special dish at the Rhinebeck farmer’s market tomorrow morning, so I guess no Mayles Marathon tonight. JJMFP’s not seen Grey Gardens either, can you believe it??), so…so, I’m not going to go look at the dress to see. 

I thought it would be scratchy when I bought it, but it’s OK.

Plus: nonvegan shoes AGAIN! These are kinda my fall go-to go-gos, what can I say. And sweater arms as leg warmers, because my legs get cold in the shop.

Maresa gave me this blazer a long time ago. She’s a blazer kind of gal. I didn’t think I was, but I fucking love this blazer and am now constantly on blazer-alert.

The next day!

Tired of dresses. Jeans and a sweater. I got this Marc Jacobs lady for maybe $10 at Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn and promptly shrunk it in the wash. I like it better now. But I really just took this photo to show you my hair, which the photo doesn’t show well.

I’ve done my hair like this for work forever because:

1) It’s not a bun. Ugh, the daily bun. Bane of my existence. My hair is always weird in a bun.

2. It’s not a ponytail. I LOVE ponytails, but they’re not “up” enough for work in a foodservice environment.

3. It makes me taller. Vain narcissist!

4. It’s quick and e-z: Put hair in a high ponytail, then act like you’re going to put another elastic in it, but don’t pull it all of the way through. You know that thing, I’m sure. Then just put in about a million bobby pins so it falls forward instead of back. Done.

BUT! Last month I got a big tip about how to do this style better. I was at the opening for the lovely solo show by the lovely Kaitlin Van Pelt at Team Love / Ravenhouse (conveniently located 2 blocks from the shop, and thus the perfect place to get a little indie rock/art culture and still work a 15-hour day) and spotted a painting of an acquaintance, Kate, who works across the street from TL/RH at Inquiring Minds Bookstore (I LIVE IN A SMALL TOWN).

Kaitlin said Kate didn’t know about the painting yet, so when my pal Alison and I saw Kate walking in, we watched her every move while waiting for her to notice the painting, and she did a satisfying little jump when she saw the piece. Anyway, this led to me talking to Kate about her signature hairstyle, which is always fabulously chic and sloppy-cool. I was telling her how much I love her bun, and she said, “Do you want to know the secret?”

Can we just pause right here?

How rare is it for one woman to ask another woman if she wants to know her style secret? Usually when you compliment a woman’s style she finds a way to apologize for not looking quite like she wants to, or something, which leaves both women feeling kinda shitty. I loved that Kate knew she looked amazing and knew I wanted to know how she got her hair so rad.

And that’s when she told me the life-changing secret:

“I pull it into a bun upside-down,” she said, simply.

UPSIDE DOWN, DUDES! I MEAN, OBVS, RIGHT? The best way to get a super high pony is always upside down. How could I have forgotten that? Since then my little pull-through-&-pin ponies have gotten higher and mightier.


Painter’s tape on that doorframe. Just noticed that.

I guess this is what the contractors were talking about when they said, “Are you sure you want to paint that bathroom?” Whereupon they proceeded to paint the entire rest of the back kitchen perfectly and I’m still doing touch-ups on the crap job I did in this bathroom. Hire a professional, people.

I mostly worked on holiday chocolates that day.

I’ve given up pretending that I can ignore the fact that people want to buy crazy amounts of chocolates around the holidays just because I personally don’t celebrate holidays.

This year I’m doing it right.

The next day was today. Or, as you could also call it: yesterday.



My beloved organic cotton Loomstate jeans, no less. So comfy, and every time Jacob walked past me at work he had to suppress the urge to slap my ass. These jeans are GOOD. This photo does not do them justice. (Also: working with your partner involves a lot of sexual harassment.)

Also: Vaute Couture sweatshirty thing—comfiest of all time.

Also: MAKEUP!!!!

OK, time for bed!

Oh, one more thing: look at my little crew of cuties:


(Maresa knows how to pose, my oh my!)

Thought so.

13 Responses to “Chocolate dreidels and high ponies”

  1. d.bear

    1. where are the cat pictures?!

    2. your staff persons, are, without a doubt, the cutest people under 35 on the planet. but where are the OLDER people?

    • lagusta

      My cats don’t wear outfits! Usually….

      I know, WTF with the lack of diversity in my crew? Well:
      -I live in a college town. Very few olds (I count myself among that crew, FYI) applied for the job, and all who did already had inflexible part time jobs. We have a weird situation where we need people who are p/t until Thanksgiving, then can work practically full time and then full time around Christmas. That works well for students and recent grads and almost no one else.
      -No people of color applied for the job! MY TOWN IS DAMN WHITE!!! Amazing.

      • d.bear

        oh darling, i’m so available. i have stunning ribbons of silver in my hair, which i wear in a high or low bun, i look cute (i mean CUTE) in an apron, & i have related experience which would amuse/impress you. keep me posted!

      • lagusta

        I’ll put you in my binder of women!!

    • lagusta

      Um. If they’re wool (bad girl!) they don’t, but I usually wash and dry mine to tighten them up after I cut them to make sure. They’ve never frayed though. Once I cut some cotton knitted ones though, and they instantly dissolved into string. Do it!

  2. cameraphonevegan

    I’ve been reading you more lately, and thought you should know. I like your sense of humor. Also, going to try a bun upside-down the second i finisg typing this!


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