always always wear your tightest jeans to climb a mountain.

It’s been a big week.

I climbed a mountain.

I finally cracked the candy canes code. (They’ll get prettier, just you wait.)

I read this article in the bathtub, and it blew my mind.

I went to the zillionth meeting for, and did another zillion hours of research on, Park Point.

I thought a lot about the devastation friends of mine are witnessing first hand downstate in the areas hard hit by the Hurricane. I don’t have time to give to help the recovery effort right now, but I’d like to donate a little. I can’t decide where to. Not the Red Cross—I’ve heard some crap about them, their inefficiencies, their top-down style that isn’t always the best for this kind of thing. I’d like to donate to a more grassroots effort. I was thinking about helping to fund the Cinnamon Snail’s amazing efforts feeding good vegan food to rescue workers and displaced residents. If you have any ideas, let me know.

Back to trivialities.

I wore my white jeans and new coat again.

And we got and made and got more and made more Thanksgiving orders, as well as a big giant holiday order (from a celebrityyyyyyyyyyyyy [more on that later] ooh la la). Already.

I learned that if you keep holding down on a letter an option will pop up to make an accent over that letter, which has been very helpful in my Beyoncé-typing life.

Speaking of Bey, I was trying to pep myself up at work by doing the Single Ladies dance, and Maresa drove up and saw me in the act.


Noodle’s ear turned inside out, as it sometimes does, and J actually managed to get a photo of it. (When this happens, dear internet, should I gently turn it right-side out? I never know.)

Cleo continued to be the most beautiful cat of all time.

And that was that.

7 Responses to “always always wear your tightest jeans to climb a mountain.”

  1. Pree

    I donated to the Snail’s fund because Adam, his family, and the Snail crew are awesome. There’s also The Soupervan (I occasionally get lunch from them when I have time between my classes). The people who work at the truck are really nice people- they always use local produce, are vegan-friendly, work with the local soup kitchen, etc. Anyway, they have been giving out free food for over 2 weeks now and continue to do so in some of the areas hardest hit by Sandy. The only thing is that their food is not 100% vegan, but I still love the incredible work that they are doing.
    P.S. Love the new coat!

  2. Ann

    The North Shore Animal League is doing great stuff for the displaced animals (including keeping them safe till their humans can reclaim them) and also to help rebuild shelters and the like for strays in the area.

    • zoe p.

      Ha! That’s funny that you read it in the bath. I also read that one. And like so many NYer articles before it, it reinforced things I suspect and believe and know and made me feel all smug and superior (now in a science-y way!)

      Also, Alex Ross on Queer (personal) history and the profile of Questlove. And Lizza on Texas politics.

      • lagusta

        OK. Coming clean: I JUST TODAY described that article as “you know, shit we’ve known forever but now that it’s in The New Yorker maybe it’ll mean something to the culture at large, blah blah, but still a good article.”

        Haven’t gotten to Ross or Questlove yet, can’t wait!

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