what I wore and some other words

This week in frivolity:

I listened to a New Yorker podcast that included this line, about Miranda July:

People like women to be either perfect, or embarrassed not to be perfect. it’s a radical act not to be embarrassed.

I liked that a lot.

Oh, and I finally got to that profile of Questlove, and man, how great was it. How can you not love Quest?

Also finally: put up a photo album and blog (not sure why both, but I did the same for the first dinner, so I’m just continuing the theme) of the second fancy dinner at the shop. Dinners will be back in March, after the major chocolate season is over.

Let’s move on to clothes.

Went to a party and wore this. My legs were cold.

Had Thanksgiving at Kajitsu and it was the best of all time, as usual.

I wore a dress.

The night before, Jacob had had a show in NYC, so we got to stay in a fancy hotel. The band he’s been with (for almost 10 years now, amazing) always gets rooms at this downtown hotel that I love. Once he got bumped up to a super fancy room with this crazy bathtub that I still have dreams about. Living like a fancy person for a day is always fun.

I feel like a wore a rad outfit at the show, but there are no photos of it, apparently.

I’ve been having Planning Board meetings every single week because of this giant development happening. Planning unboring Planning Board outfits is my third full-time job, after chocolatizing and being a volunteer planner. Here’s last week’s:

Made a nice batch of croissants. Here are a few of the 86 of them.

Made nice candy canes.

They came out great.

Wore my fancy ring and a pony necklace.

Not an outfit photo, because the outfit is so boring, but: NOODLE the CAT! (Let’s pretend my bangs are wet, not oily, which is the truth.)


That lipstick is crazy.

It fades in like 10 minutes.

11 Responses to “what I wore and some other words”

  1. Veronica


    To keep your lips red, you should line and color in with lipliner first! Then blot 2-3 times. I learned that from Tavi before I stopped reading her online mag.

    Oh hey also I forgot to tell you that I met Leanne from Vaute Couture because she randomly came into Sideshow!

  2. lagusta

    oooh! Thanks for the tip! I don’t have any lipliner…a new makeup toy to buy!

    Was Leanne simultaneously the sweetest and styliest person of all time? Don’t answer that, I know the answer. Oh, that girl.

  3. kayleigh

    Love everything in this post! And your fancy dinner album looks divine! I was saying to my partner Kyle earlier that when we make it over to America (when i’m not baking/have enough money/Kyle’s not teaching) we have to coincide it with one of your fancy dinners! XXX

  4. mary

    man, those outfits, that style, that life of beauty and adventure and warmth and art. i wanna write a song about ya!

  5. Fanya427

    Just found your blog, find it interesting. Would like you to look at veggiebeauty on youtube, if you are unaware of it.


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