There’s a lot to be done while your head is still young.

True that, Belle and Sebastian.

My rapidly aging head and I have been doing ALL OF IT.

But now it’s time to settle down a little and document some of it.

Don’t get too excited, 100% of it has been WORK.

Things I will be posting soon:

  • The December Diaries aka The Sweatshop Diaries aka My God I Worked So Much in December aka I Am So Exhausted aka Now I Am Going To Do Some Online Shopping. 
  • 27 days of hair styles I’m going to try.
  • Outfit blogs!
  • A makeover for this very blog you’re reading! Like, have you noticed all the stuff on the right over there is outdated? And the style is old too?
  • Do you miss my angry blogs, blog-friends? I do. WTF with all these fucking outfits and fucking HAIR STYLES? I LOVE writing rage posts. But the rage, man, it tears up my soul to pieces. I don’t love the rage hangovers. But maybe some rage will creep in. I’ve got some stuff I’ve been rage-hoarding. As usual. Sigh.

I will now end with three photos of Jacob with the cats.







8 Responses to “There’s a lot to be done while your head is still young.”

    • lagusta

      1) No one should buy wool, as it’s almost always produced in ways that are cruel for animals.
      2) Friends of mine keep animals and make and dye and knit with wool from them. Bully for them. I’m a vegan, and don’t believe animals are here for us to be used, even if they are patted on the head in the process.
      3) Being a big fucking hypocrite, I own like fifty wool sweaters that I’ve bought used, telling myself that thrift store wool isn’t the same as new wool even though I know it’s ridiculous.

      • Ann

        Thanks. That’s what I thought.

        The reason I asked is that I’ve got so much wool clothing that I’ve bought used over the years (and also cashmere), and now I’m not sure if I should dump it all or what. Yes, it’s used, but people seeing me wear it don’t know that, and so it signals something; also, wearing the stuff is still using the wool. (And that’s in addition to the many hats and scarves a cousin of mine knit for me years ago, and the skeins of wool for my own knitting I’ve got–all from before I thought carefully about this.) Also, I’m planning to buy a natural rubber mattress, and they are all made with wool covers (and then cotton over that). Most mattresses have all sorts of chemical flame retardants in them, and so to avoid that, the rubber/latex ones use wool–a natural flame retardant. The one I’m looking at is made from organic wool, and so they say the sheep are treated well, but yeah, they’re not here for us…. As my secret vegan guru (I’m sure you hate this!), what do you think about all this?

      • lagusta

        Yeah. I guess the very most ethical thing to do would be to donate the sweaters to someone else, but then you’re just doing that so you don’t seem hypocritical, and someone else is marketing the message that wool is OK. I might as well be the hypocrite, I figure. Also I really like some of those goddamn sweaters. Someday when I’m made of money I’ll replace them all with supersoft soy-bamboo (like this AMAZING soy snood I got from Vaute CoutureSO SOFT and cuddly, I’m basically married to it) or something, but today I am not made of money, and thrifted wool sweaters, in the grand scheme of all the evils in the world, don’t strike me as the very worst evil.

        Wow, that mattress thing seems tough. (I just Googled around a bitI’ve thought about someday getting a new fancy organic mattress too…). There have to be some out there without wool, right?? I’ll keep looking!

        I don’t mind being a vegan guru! : )

  1. d.bear

    all three of these stunningly adorable felines approve of wool, both used and new. in other news, these were the three pictures i needed to see in order to survive the next 4 days. bless you, cuties.

    • d.bear

      i don’t buy used wool or leather, but recently bought a used futon that allegedly has wool batting in the center. it was the only one i could find, so i went for it, knowing that i wasn’t causing harm in doing so.

      we do these things. one has to take care of oneself. & the kitties.

  2. Ann

    Your saying you don’t mind being my vegan guru made my day, probably even the last several months! Thank you.

    I’ve been researching these mattresses for a long time, so I doubt there’s one out there w/o wool. Maybe one sold in another country, I guess, a country that doesn’t have the flame retardant regs the U.S. has. Don’t know. That’s the explanation I’ve gotten from the various makers of the mattresses I’ve been in contact with–that unless they use chemical retardants, they’ve got to use the wool. If you find one, please let me know.

    It’s all–hard lines to draw and keep straight and still feel ok about them. I think partly b/c I had drawn lines before and thought I was pretty much all set, and now I’ve found myself drawing new ones all the time, and I wish I could go back and have these new lines then, but that’s not possible. And I try to own just what I want and not to purchase too, too much, and then to have to start that over …

    I appreciate your thoughts on the clothes thing. My working plan for now is to not buy any more (if I can stop myself; a $3 or $10 beautiful used sweater is sure tough to pass up!), and slowly, over time, rid myself of the ones I have. The knitted things are so sentimental, I’m not sure I can get rid of them. And the yarn, unless I’m in the middle of a project, I can give away. Bamboo yarn is lovely!

    Yes, the cats are wonderful; I love the pics. And I realize this was an odd post for me to pick to start this convo. Sorry ’bout that.

  3. Ann

    P.S. Yeah, that snood is gorgeous, but so pricey. Someday, one of her coats I’ll get, I hope!


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