New hairstyles. Part one.

27 days of new hairstyles begins today.

I’m not sure why I’m so shallow lately.

All the work, I guess.

Honestly, I don’t feel I do anything good in the world these days except my job (which I do believe really does good in the world) and the Planning Board, even though in my heart I consider myself an activist first.

What. Is. That. About.

I guess it’s about the need to keep a focus, and trust that my chosen form of activism is a good one, even though it feels so superficial. So…sweet.

I’m sure that friends of mine, who are lefty politicians, abortion counselors, rape crisis line operators, stuff like that, don’t feel, nor should they, that I’m down there in the trenches with them. Kira goes to the Rockaways to clean up and donate her own produce,* Jenn and Seth mobilized the entire town to help their hometown on Long Island, Rebecca has pretty much devoted her life to Sandy recovery, all I did was give a bit of money. I do donations through my business, too, but it’s such a roundabout way to bring about change. Jason writes laws to allow everyone access to fair housing, Hector is looking out for liberal interests as a County rep, Karlo is making the universe safe for Puerto Rican queers in a million different ways, and, of course, dozens of friends doing good animal rights work.


I know some good people.

But right now, in order to keep on keeping on, I need to do nothing particularly good for the world. It sounds terrible. Doesn’t that sound terrible?

God, it sounds terrible.

But it is what it is.

As you’ve seen, it’s been a long month. And year. An amazing one, but an exhausting one. Business growing pains are, of course, awesome, but they fucking HURT.

So let’s just fuck around for a while, shall we?

Here we go.

I was alone this day, Jacob didn’t fly in until the next day because he had a gig he had to go to in Omaha (and I was too shy to ask his father or stepmom, or two-year-old amazing sister, to take a freaking hair photo), and it’s hard to take photos of the back of your head by yourself. So forgive these.

Oh, I got the idea for this little hair plan here.

I picked today’s hairstyle, called a French Fishtail Seashell Braid, because I didn’t particularly like it, so I figured it would be best to get it over with early on.

But I think it actually came out pretty great, though I definitely didn’t get this whole “French Fishtail Braid” thing down so pat. I get the idea though. With some practice, I could do a pretty great job. Not today though. Today I just let it stay messy.

Here’s how we started out. Man, this is a weirdo looking photo.


Done, from the front:


And blurrily from the back:


Another one:


Here’s a scary photo taken while I was reaching for the camera:


Til the morrow, world!

*Yes, Kira and I had a screaming fight earlier this year, as depicted so colorfully in the comments to the Infamous Chicken Post. But though we no longer talk, I still admire her. Maybe someday we’ll be friends again. It’s a small town. It’s been known to happen.

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